The Best Chainsaw Under 400 Dollars – Best all-around Chainsaw

Finding chainsaws in the market is very easy, but finding the best chainsaw within your budget may be a problem for you and me because under budget the chances of getting wrong are higher than that of a great tool.

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we have taken the liberty of selecting the best available for a price under 400 bucks that you can use for tree felling, limbing, bucking, pruning, cutting firebreaks in wildland fire suppression, and harvesting firewood.

You will find the list of best chainsaws useful in your search, making it easier to choose the best chainsaw for your needs.

Best Budget Chainsaw

Husqvarna 20 Inch 450 Rancher II Gas Chainsaw

Husqvarna 20 Inch 450 Rancher II is a gas chainsaw, its engine generates 2 horsepower to enable better performance.

Husqvarna 20 Inch contains many functions and features that are why it became the best overall chainsaw under 400.

This is the modern chainsaw which comes with maximum power like the stihl chainsaw provides.

Minimum efforts require the machine start quickly using pull start, it comes mostly checked and working test and attach a stamp which denotes it is full test,

you can use it for long and small trees with minimum hand power and minimum amount of consumer time.

If you use it after unboxing, this can deliver 9000 RPM. That  is the great speed to cut bundles of any types of trees, bushes, roots, and make the firewood as you want.

After ever cutting the wood, clean it inside and outside such as the spark plug, its chain where the clutch adjusts it, remove all the dust of wood then you start it. This can provide full speed that they describe or mention in its guide book.

Ease to start this product has the option of a combined start and stop switch due to adjust a fuel pump which makes the  saw easy to start because this pump fills the pump and delivers full gas to the engine.

Due to this, many countries have different policies about noise which cause pollution by having low noise Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA)- 115 dB(A). The noise produced by this machine also mentions a sticker.

This can be range noise which can may allow every country to use and cut, the second thing is that noise pollution mostly affect in city,

you use it for both purpose for a personal home or as a career which can make you great business to use Husqvarna 20 Inch 450 Rancher II Gas Chainsaw.


  • Best overall under 400
  • Its engine deliver powerful speed
  • Lightweight
  • Users Recommended
  • Well balanced easy start Saw
  • Low Vibration


  • Didn’t come with the Farm Tough Bar.

COOCHEER 62CC Gas Powered Chainsaw

This is the 62 CC gas powered Engine which comes with a full Crank 2 cycle engine that delivers greater amount of power with less vibration.

This tool strikes a balance between high performance and fuel economy. This thing made it reliable for users.

This chainsaw is designed for quicker , smoother and as well as easier pull start not requiring tight power to start few quick pulls can start its engine  immediately.

This product is easy to use and handles the overall maximum amount of reliability added on this product.

You wont need to apply the lubrication oil on its chain, only need is to keep filling its tank and then the automatic oiling system ensures constant bar and chain lubrication.

This engine powered chain activated inertia that is this safety chain brake while operating it, like the sithle chain cause some jerks while using it can damage legs or hands. This tool can provide strong jerks which cause problems.

Handle of this tool is ergonomic design both with cushion wrap handle which makes this chainsaw balance while cutting wood and save the loss of physical strength that you provide when you cutter on your hand.

This product is lightweight because most of the material of this product is made with high quality polymers which makes it best handheld chainsaws, 

its polymer chassis is engineered, makes reliable performance and prolonged use with minimum user fatigue.

COOCHEER comes with 20 inch chain bar i which you can adjust multiple of chan as you require to run and consider which one is best for your work,

 every type of chain can adjust with its bearing which is mostly like you bicycle, when the engine delivers force its bearing which rotate then it also rotates with chain therefore these forces after all convert to the chain which runs with full power of the engine.


  • Best under 150$.
  • Automatic oil system.
  • Durable Die-cast Chassis.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Value for the money.


  • Not adjusted for new technology which keeps safe 20% fuel consumption.

Makita XCU03PT1 18V X2 (36V) LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 14″ Chain Saw

This is the battery powered Makita chain saw, which comes in offer that you can take with the minimum amount you got many more things with it in only under 400.

Cordless product tools have many features and most people also use them for home purpose because of some functions which make them more reliable than gas powered chainsaws.

some features of this tool that : do not require gas, oil mixing capability, or pull start  with reduced maintenance and as well as low noise level.

which causes noise pollution by using it. They cut hard and soft even wet are too hard wood cut easily.

Makita built brushless motor which direct driver system delivers power is equal to the 32cc gas power chainsaw. Only require a charged battery then you can do many work related to cutting wood from this tool.

The great thing about this Makita XCU03PT1 is the variable speed trigger which you use as you require the speed of the chain to control its variable speed (03, 940FPM) for improved cutting performance.

This can also come with LED light which helps to work on dark more. It has a lock off lever which helps to prevent accidentally engaging. This contains a large oil filling port and you can also check bar oil level.

This product features extreme protection technology, it provides facility to increased dust and water resistance in harsh job site conditions which also allows you to cut.

Both the handles are comfort and its rear handles is rubberized  which provide excellent grip during cut of wood, 

and you can use it on any angle while cutting trees. This tool is also the best tool which you can consider the best chainsaw for cutting tree. Cut tree not which has a short trunk you can cut even a big size and big truck tree to fall down and cut its pisces. 

In a workshop large root that can be easily cut using this product after that you can transfer it for the best bandsaw for making small pieces of wood as you require.


  • Comes with full offers in under 400
    Variable speed trigger.
  • Low noise level and zero emissions for operator comfort.
  • Extreme Protection Technology.
  • Great saw for homeowners
  • It provides Impressive cutting
  •  long lasting battery life
  •  Easy maintenance.
  • Highly recommended.


  • Less powerful than a 2 stroke engine chainsaw.

Tinfancy 20 Inch Gas Chainsaw, 58CC 2-Stroke Chain Saws with Automatic Oiler 

Tinfancy 20 inch is a gas powered chainsaw which comes with a 58cc 2 stroke engine and Tool Kit for Farm, Garden and Ranch.

It comes with full variation which you mostly required to use to run and maintain the chain. It comes with toolkits and chains and a bar.

This used to cut  different types of wood in a variety of ways, which way you like to cut with any orientation, this tool can also provide you help to set landscape, lawn, garden as like a hedge trimmer. 

This can cut extra bushes of trees with leaves and make the wood pieces which you require for work or use for firewood.

Tinfancy 58CC with 2 stroke engine delivers incredible power with 20% fuel consumption and efficient 70% less emission.

The maximum rotation provided by the engine speed with cutting is 8500 RPM that handed petrol saws which work longer and short trees. 

This tool contains a super air filter and automatic supply oil to the chain which extends the life of the chainsaw.

This is the woodcutting portable chain saw which has a big real rope wheel, which provides an easier starter and as well as a work quickly. You are able to take work from this item.

Overall this is a reliable product and also provides many safety features to the user which they can use while cutting.


There could be many reason to pick this chainsaw for as a homeowner or for a business because most of the quality of this product match with sithle saw but more cheaper than stihl chainsaw, if you consider their pros are can be perfect for your use then you can use 

otherwise you can pick which product that you like for your work, but this tool comes in under 150$, this is the affordable and maximum function containing the hand cutter.


  • It provides engine speed with cutting attachment is 8500rpm.
  • Anti-vibration system.
  • 3.5 horsepower generates power that makes it powerful.
  • High-quality Bar and Chains.


  • Take a minute to cut a big tree which has a big trunk.

WORX WG304.1 Chain Saw 18-Inch 4

This is the WORX WG304.1 Chain Saw 18-Inch 4 comes with a corded electric power motor. If you are searching, what if I find the best corded chainsaw under 400, then this can be a perfect tool which you can use for home and as for work.

There are many great things about this chainsaw which you like and feel reliable for your work and basic home work.

You won’t require fuel(gasoline), charged battery, pull start of hassles to start it only require to insert the plug into circuit and start then you use for your any type of work.


This tool comes with all features which the above product have but only require electric power to run 15.0 Amp motor and output delivers with the powerful cutting performance to the extended, its chain bar size 18 inch which can cut big and small trees with bushes.

It has a safety function of chainsaw which prevents machine damage. Patented auto tension chain system prevents over tightening, overtightening can break the chain but this one handles this problem.

It’s motor generates 4 horsepower This chainsaw requires no gas. Just a long extension cord. That you needed to cut slabs off a massive trunk that is about upto 4ft in diameter or required.

If you are trying to find the chainsaw to use at home, this can be the best corded electric power chainsaw which can be used for multiple times and multiple uses.

If you are going to cut hardwood and the power of chainsaw is not weak in fact the chain use of many times bends and then you must go with the best chainsaw blade sharpener rather you buy the best professional chainsaw chain from any markets.

Because of the business requirement of its accessories there chainsaws are also used for making money, so our requirement is you to also take some best chainsaw attachments or accessories which also help you to do working safely and fastly.

That not mean you are using best chainsaw brand in fact this need make the work more sufficient for you and this type of accessories 

you can also buy from market in major or mostly you will get on amazon, home depot or at lowes because these are the major market where you get most of the equipments.


  • Highly recommended corded chainsaw.
  • Easy to use.
  • No battery, no gas required.
  • Light weight
  • Its motor generates Horsepower 4.


  • Extension require to far points

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw

Above list is not only one which provides quality, you will also see better and best quality also on this dewalt product because this is the best inexpensive top rated chainsaw 2021.

This best rated battery chainsaw is lightweight as you compare with both of the chainsaw patrol and corded powered chainsaw.

This best lightweight chainsaw weight is almost 8 pound that means that is also the best chainsaw for women to use and do well at home for cutting firewood as well as being used for cutting wood business .

This has not hassle many that you may find on gas power first is that you do not require gasoline to run, only you require a charge battery. If you a dewalt user already may have a battery of any tool you can easily use another tool battery on this item and this now saves you money for buying an extra pack of battery for this chainsaw.

The design of this tool very comfort most of the users in which some included beginner users not satisfied due to comportament of the product

because some of the handle too hard and feel not well while cutting of shrubs and a person cause fatigue due to hard handle and comes the vibration on hand

rather you use of gloves but this product you will get full control on and with comfortable handle which not cause fastly fatigue and you able to complete cuts bundle of hedges or falling tree by this tool and the having of this item

You may not require any gas powered chainsaw or manual hand saw, only you can complete the tasks with this product and also not require any other person to cut the tree and make the desired pieces of wood that you require.

There are many reasons that convince you to buy this best professional chainsaw for cutting firewood in which low kickback 12 inch bar and tool free chain tensioning by having its maneuverability safety feature which make it right.

The thing that makes it the best cordless chainsaw for heavy duty jobs is its motor, this tool is a 20V motor which runs on a max 2Ah battery. This tool uses a high efficiency brushless MOTOR.

which provide you best battery run time for cutting of wood and as the life of motor increase, it applies 4×4 pressure treated wood,

make the cut more deeper and strong on wood and a homeowner fully satisfied from this product because outdoor tasks easily handle from your garden as work for hedge trimmer or if you experience gardener then may you more take benefits from this tool.

Poulan Pro PR4218

If you are a practiced person with the best gas powered chainsaw in which this you also will be found on the top ten rated chainsaw because of the performance you will get on your projects.

This is the upgraded version of gas chainsaw which also comes with a case , if you are searching also with the best chainsaw case then it can be a best and perfect choice for you that you will get a poulan pro chainsaw only under 200.

It came with a hard case which is perfect for protecting the saw while traveling to cutting came with an extra chain and oil for gas mixture 

that help to increase the productivity of you work and this type of thing you will easily get on under 300 US Dollars which is below 400 USD. The only thing we had to purchase was chain oil and we were ready to go.

Polan pro comes with different accessories that you will get for not stopping work when you get a problem through this tool.

This gas chainsaw is ideal for cutting milling timber and for felling trees and you also will see this tool on the list of best chainsaws due to the well trust of people on this tool.

This tool comes with a powerful engine 42 cc which you do not compare with best chainsaw 72 cc because this tool is for medium types of jobs with that one if you have too much larger amount of cutting tire and wood timber making project then may you require this 72cc types engine power tool.

Poulan pro comes some of the features that make it well and efficient for homeowners as well for contractors due to oxypower which patented technology for amazing incredible power with efficient fuel consumption and reduced harmful emissions.

Problem that most people face issues of fatigue fastly due to the higher vibration which comes from the engine but you will not see this type of thing. 

This tool has ergonomic design with advanced anti vibration system Superior comfort with easily accessible controls and minimized handle vibration to lessen user fatigue and make you able to take work for a long time.


Makita gas power chainsaw

If though makita and not comes durability it may not be possible because such a person woodworker fully satisfied from its tool due to full and confidently use on their projects.

This you see makita gas powered chainsaw and this has 36cc engine produce 2.4 HP and an engine speed of 12,800 RPM which gives amazing and more sharp cuts at any degree 0 to 360 degree that you will give through miter saw even if you now precision cuts then you also take crosscuts on wood timber.

Some place where the environment cold and engine start take time but this tool may you not get that progress that you get on other tool this has Primer pump for easy cold starting

This makita power tool is extremely lightweight, enabling even an old man to work with it and fell and cut trees quickly and easily.

This gas chainsaw is comfortable on every hand by putting the gas on this saw and able to cut wood into Desire sizes. It has a two stroke engine that cuts the trunk and bundle of work pieces easily.

For users security this has single lever control which automatically shuts off engine with just a touch

As well it is made by the brand makita which is an upgraded and durable brand in the tool market which provides almost all  that thing which a person needs to work.

This improves fuel efficiency Stratified air Scavenging which causes low emission on the engine and increases fuel average for you.

 If you want to go with a gas chainsaw this is also a best option for you to get it under your budget of 400 US dollar.

It includes an 18 inch guide bar and 18 inch chain which is sharp for this tool, you do not need to buy a chain for this tool and able to use it for cutting wood jobs.

This tool has almost all that thing which a powerful stihl chainsaw have as well this you will take on under 400 budget this like tool may you get on more than 500 USD but this tool you will get on 300 that is the great option for you if you have choice with sithle also try it may you get that thing which a stihl chainsaw have.

 Even the cold environment Easy Start, Spring-Assisted for Quick Starting with Less Force makes the performance of this tool very great for a homeowner to supply the wood and cutting.

As like on husqvarna this is efficiency tool which have Advanced vibration dampening system engineered to reduce vibration and you can done your jobs with this tool without more fatigue and as well the handle provide comfortable while cutting as well you also be use chainsaw boots, helmet, glass or safety equipment before use of this tool.

At the end of this makita chainsaw If you are not satisfied with any Makita tool or this gas chainsaw within 30 days of purchase, return it and Makita will provide, at Makita’s option, a replacement or refund and you may be convinced for this amazon service.

Additional Information about Chainsaws under budget

If you read the budget guide on chainsaw you will understand more clearly which product can be excellent for your jobs.

In all detail you get the best chainsaw brand and also get that best chainsaw under $300, 4000$ and if you have more then this amount budget then we will recommend you to go with best stihl chainsaw under $500.

Because husqvarna vs stihl best chainsaw you will be get more usable or liked by people is stihl chainsaw and by looking at other and more quality on budget you will also get that quality on your budget. 

To the point if you have more than 400 budget you go shil and below must prefer to go with a tool that you consider right performance because above tool also has longevity for people and chain saws provide you long term ultimate performance.

If you trust a big brand such as you will find best chainsaw consumer reports like this company provide review our aim also and fully try to provide the best of best about the product in a positive way.

Our main aim is to describe which chainsaw best comes under 400, 300, 200 price not guide you to buy an expensive tool for your ever use.

Buy which you consider right for you and also people suggest this can be an excellent choice for others. You describe this top rated chainsaw under your price option.

Comparison of the Top Rated Chainsaw Types

You see many best professional chainsaws. You got confused which chainsaw you must require for cutting firewood and also falling the tree.

Because in markets you can’t judge which one is best for you and technology improves day by day and you will be best cordless, corded, and gas power or gasoline chainsaw we know these are much and more better than manual saw.

Make the confusion which is best for your work, here we describe all chainsaws with their qualities and function, you can select that chainsaw which you consider excellent for your projects.

A Corded Electric Chainsaw Features

A corded chainsaw most use at home or small types of purpose and you will also be used for cutting tires or falling tree business, because this tool is not only for homeowners also to be used for working and earn such bucks that make you able to earn money.

As you are a farmer and sometimes require cutting wood for fire this can also be a best choice for you to go with at this time this can easily cut for firewood and not require you more hand power to cut the wood by hand saw.

This chainsaw will easily get in best condition under 400 and 150 US Dollars.

Benefits :

  • This tool is quieter than gas powered chainsaw, its noise as a blower.
  • After the gas chainsaw this can be on the list of most powerful chainsaws because of direct connection with electric power.
  • Great thing about this powered is it runs forever that means no time limit you get on this chainsaw.
  • This can do or be used for multiple tasks such as tasks like pruning and cutting the large number of logs.
  • Instant start no need to pull.
  • Lightweight even a woman or beginner can easily use for cutting the wood easily.
  • Less maintenance than fuel powered chainsaw.


  • Short bar length, it doesn’t go above 18 inches.
  • Not be used for any place because plug need to insert on switch for this may you require an extension cord for this.

A Gas Chainsaw Features


  • It is more powerful than both corded and cordless chainsaws.
  • This tool is highly portable; you do not need any charge battery and power plug wire, only require engine fuel to run that makes powerful cuts.
  • Long lasting powered chainsaw (if you insert one gallon of gas can last you a whole day of continuous cutting of a variety of woods).
  • For large jobs this can be excellent.
  • The bar length of this tool great start from above 24 inches


  • Noise of this tool more than other two power chainsaws louds.
  • May take time to start the engine.
  • It produces fuel emissions.
  • This tool requires maintenance as compared to the corded and cordless.

A Battery Chainsaw Features


No fuel emission.

It instantly starts no need to pull .

Highly Portable if you have charge batteries.


Battery lasts almost 30 minute.

Like the corded powered chainsaw this also doesn’t go above the 18 inches bar.


Should I invest $400 to BUY a chainsaw?

Spending 400 bucks is the best thing. Different buyers feel the high price option may not provide value in their choice of chainsaw.

Hence, 400 US dollars will get you a quality chainsaw as compared to ones that cost 100 to 300 dollars.

 In this price option many high quality brands comes which provide more value of the money on their product and offers best cutting power for bundle of jobs

How often should I do maintenance on a $400 chainsaw?

If you keep the tool clean from dusty you may require less maintenance on any budget tool.400 US dollars chainsaw require maintenance according to their using routine.

Cleaning chain, sharpening  blade, remove bents, and dust issues or the most common problem that may you face on this price option tool..

If you use a $400 chainsaw every second week or twice in a month , maintenance should be arranged.

If you get tool damage then you instantly back this product and get a full ok tool which does not provide you with more maintenance.

If you want to go with the best used chainsaw it can be stihl, husqvarna or any other best brand you take more maintenance as compared with new one.

How much power does a under $400 chainsaw provide?

Basically it depends which type of chiansw you get battery power, electric corded, or gas powered chainsaw are available on the market.

If you go with a gas powered chainsaw it provides a max 62CC of powered in engine powered tool. After it you also get below power from 62CC engine power.

Corded and cordless chainsaws under 400 US dollar are almost the same , the difference has only wire and without wire.

This has 15 amps power motor such a power can easily handle mid range to heavy duty jobs such as cutting firewood, falling tires, logging, lumbring, milling and many more tasks can be done by this one.

What are the most popular chainsaw brands?

At current time 2022 husqvarna and stile are now the most popular brand chainsaw. And now more new brands are coming which provide always better performance as like the both chainsaws.

These brands mostly produce engine powered saws but also have electric chainsaws too who want to use at home jobs.

Other equally most of the people also choose in the budget range Makita, Echo, Greenworks, and Poulan.

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