The 3 Best Chinese Plasma Cutter – Latest 2024

If you’re studying this, you’re probably searching for a plasma cutter to add to your workshop so you can do some steel.

However, you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Many folks desire a plasma for a few modest tasks and aren’t interested in a professional setup.

This group of individuals is usually seeking to invest $499 or less.

So, here, I’ll provide you with all of the data you need to choose the best inexpensive plasma cutter around $600 and our top choices in this budget range.

Plasma Cutter

In the $500 budget category, plasma cutters produced in China are essentially the only options.

They’re commonly advertised online, and the units’ labels are deemed “off labels.” Here we are with the top three products:

Chinese Plasma Cutter In Markets

Reboot Plasma Cutter Non Touch 50 Amp:

This is the first product we would recommend to you and its features and other specs are followed as:


1.      The air filter control is included.

2.      Consumables at a reasonable price.

3.      Warranty valid for one year


1.      It is not recommended for commercial use.

2.      Light leads of 6.5′


●       Guarantee:

If you’re not satisfied, Reboot provides a 30-day cash fund guarantee, which is helpful if you want to try it out before committing to it.

Purchase with comfort, as Reboot provides a three-year extended warranty and cheap consumables guarantee, as well as community support for any issues.

●    Affordable Price:

The components are far less expensive than those used by other devices, and they survive a long time in the device before requiring to be changed.

This low-cost plasma cutter pretty would fit any enthusiast in need of dependable equipment that can cut neat pieces up to 1/2 inch thick.

●    House Use Only:

It isn’t meant for commercial usage, and the connections are a little short. Yet, for those who need to perform some slicing at residence, this slicer cuts through 1/2′′ plates with ease and can split 3/8′′ plates if needed.

●    Physical Appearance:

The reboot plasma cutter is smaller and more portable. All sides are covered with silicone surfaces, and the grip is black rubber electrical dangers and gives a safe touch, as per safety requirements.

The Light ampere monitor is located on the upper top, along with the parallel signals.

The heat meter is one, while the power indicator is the other. The ampere controller is located beneath the Led screen.

Warfox Plasma Cutter 120/240V Dual Voltage:


1.      IGBT inverters innovation is used.

2.      Time adjustment is installed.


1.      The regulator should have more authority.


    Good Quality:

This plasma cutter is 50 ampere and is built with high-quality electrical power parts. It uses the newest IGBT Improved inverter soft switch innovation.

With a thickness of 10mm, the slicing region is excellent. The machine includes high-quality materials.

    Easy To Operate:

This is a beautiful and professional Plasma Cutter that is easy to use and cuts Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Low Carbon steel,

Copper Metal, and other metals. Good slicing width is 1.2mm at 220volts and 0.8cm at 110V 50 PSI, with a severance cutting width of 1.4 cm at 220V 65PSI if needed quickly.

    Accessories along with Device:

We are a plasma producer with a three-year device warranty. 7-day no-questions-asked return policy, three-year new service The machine comes with a PT31 slicing torch, Five torch rods, and Five tips.

    Current Display Function:

The machine features a current screen and may change the air post duration. Users may vary the period for post air between two and twenty seconds, efficiently delivering cooling and extending the working career of refills.

The machine features a current screen and may change the air post duration. Simply By Changing The Duration For Post Vent, Providing Excellent Refreshing, and Extending Consumables’ Professional Career.

Plasma Cutter Pilot Arc CUT50 Dual Voltage:


1.      Capability to nicely cut

2.      Easily transportable

3.      Cuts are quite precise.


1.      Interior air leakage is a problem.


    Commercial Use:

CUT-50’s plasma cutter can cut up to thick materials. It’s among the few plasma cutters around $500 that can produce cuts this deep, which is a compelling incentive for industrial users to investigate more.

    Electricity Requirements:

The secret is that this device can tolerate voltages up to 220 volts and works at 50 amperes.

However, you’ll need similarly heavily loaded cabling and an adapter to operate this plasma cutter, so be assured you have that before buying.

    Precise Cuts:

Cuts are pretty delicate, according to reviewers, but you’ll have to play with voltage and compression parameters to obtain the precise cuts you desire.

This device isn’t particularly huge, despite its excellent cutting capabilities. The cutter is reversed for protection and is meant to be mobile.

It cuts effectively through rugged, coated, and rusted materials with minimum slag; the system lets you slice without contacting the metal point.

It improves cutting accuracy and extends the life of the consumables.

    Air Leakage:

One thing to keep an eye out for is those specific CUT-50 devices seem to have interior air leakage.

Multiple consumers noticed this and replaced their machines under the one-year guarantee. Yet, this is a rare occurrence, and most customers were pleased with the cutter’s efficiency.

    Body Setup:

The air controller and liquid catcher are positioned together at the rear of the device, allowing the entire device to be set up fast and reducing the risk of water passing the plasma burner.

These were our top best three products, now; let’s answer some of the frequently asked questions:


What is the purpose of a plasma cutter?

Anybody who invents metal components or melts will find plasma cutters to be quite handy.

These devices help to cut metals fast, simply, and precisely.

If you’re making a new device out of metal, connecting to an old metallic structure, or producing a notch or connections to join two metals together. However, there are a few major benefits to using a plasma cutter.

Is there any setup required for a plasma cutter?

A limited amount of setup work is required for most plasma cutters.

To begin certain 30-ampere cutters must be connected to a junction box or an external power supply; they do not come with a conventional outlet connector. Additionally, if your cutter comes with one, you’ll have to link it to an air pump.

Final Verdict:

As per the final verdict, Our Choice award for best plasma cutter around $500 went to the Reboot Plasma Cutter Non-Touch 50 Amp.

Its clean cutting is remarkable, and the non-touch tips add a lot of endurance and convenience.

Furthermore, the Reboot Plasma Cutter Non-Touch 50 Amp is not too expensive for what you receive.

For blacksmiths who desire exceptionally clean yet shortcuts, Plasma Cutter Pilot Arc CUT50 Dual Voltage is a Premium Choice.

It isn’t the most efficient plasma cutter, but it is lightweight and easy to use. However,

when you just need something to get the work completed, this is one of the finest plasma cutters, around $500.

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