Both miter saws are valuable for the woodworking industry, this product is the versatile choice which can be used for multiple purposes and provide safer and easier cross cuts. Battery powered Miter saw Today cordless miter saws are upgraded with the latest technology and are smaller in size, lighter in weight, and useful product for … Read more

Who Makes The Best Chainsaw In The World?

Stihl is the best brand of chainsaw which makes the best quality of chainsaws then Husqvarna, both are widely regarded as the 2 great manufacturers of chainsaws in the world. These brand tools are performance superior. After the widespread surveys of both professional loggers and homeowners, preferences are divided almost fifty fifty these two brands. … Read more

What is a Hammer Wrench? A Short Brief Answer

Hammer Wrench

Hammer wrenches, which are also called striking wrenches, are specially designed to be used with hammers. This wrench is basically a hammer with a big handle so you can use it to pry off nuts, fasteners, or bolts. Several people don’t know all about power and hand tools, a wrench, for instance, is just a … Read more

What Grit Sandpaper For Cedar Deck?

Best Sander For Woodworking

In the start of cedar deck sanding (first time) you should use 50 grit sandpaper. The wood from coniferous trees, which includes softwood, must be treated more delicately. Furthermore, since the surface of the cedar deck is splintered as a result of wear or improper cleaning, it must be sanded to smooth it out.

Welding Machine Considerations


Before understanding which welding way you use, whale selecting the right welding machine requires taking into account a number of important considerations. Quality of the weld: if you require better quality of weld that looks better, you need to select a TIG welding machine. And if you are facing welding like a blacksmith or strong … Read more

Portable Vs Stationary Air Compressor -Pick the Perfect Air Compressor


Air compressors are mainly two broad categories; portable and stationary. Understanding the right air compressor according to your requirement identifies the difference between portable and stationary air compressor. Looking at the features and qualities helps you to pick the right one according to the best electric air compressor. portable air compressor A portable air compressor … Read more

What Size Air Compressor For Framing Nailer 2024(A Descriptive Guide)


Coupling any framing nailer to the correct size compressors is critical for a hassle-free experience and increased production. Compressors come in various sizes and shapes, and choosing the wrong one might significantly impact your frame nailer job. So, what capacity compressor would you need for your frame nailer? The answer is dependent on several elements, … Read more

Why Were Chainsaws Invented? (A Descriptive Guide)


Are you also hereafter hellomynamesjon shared a video on chainsaws claiming that they were first invented to help in childbirth?  Were you clenching your knees at the time of watching that video? Clench them even harder as we also approve that he was right; they were initially used in the operation theatre during the baby’s … Read more

What size chainsaw do professionals use?

Most of the professional loggers prefer bar lengths of 16 to 24 inches to handle the normal workload. For falling trees and as well cutting much bigger trees then larger saws may be required with bar lengths on 30 and as well 36 inch bars and gas powered engine of almost 70cc powerful engine chainsaw.

How To Clean Chainsaw Blades (chainsaw Tip)


It doesn’t matter whether you use a chainsaw regularly or seasonally, your blade will eventually get sticky from frequent or infrequent oiling. And over time this will get clogged with debris and sawdust and make it extremely messy with secretion from woods. Cleaning the chainsaw blades will not only increase the life as well as … Read more