The Best Chainsaws For Cutting Trees 2024 (Professional Chainsaw For Cutting Firewood)

to cut the tree from home garden or businesses purposes that make difficult to cut with manual saw.

Now the modern era comes with the latest technology which called chainsaw which make the work more easier.

Like the manual saw there are many type of quality available on markets which make the difficult for us to select the best one for use Cutting Trees.

Now we make the selection of the best chainsaw for you much easier.

Take the advantage from this list to select the excellent chainsaw to cut tree and make the collection of woods as you want.

Best Chainsaws For Cutting Trees

Husqvarna 24 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

This is a powerful Husqvarna 24 inch chain gas chainsaw, this Husqvarna 24 Inch 460 Rancher comes with a powerful engine that is capable of small to big trees.

In this tool attach a 60.3cc engine and it’s size 24 inch it comes with a guide bar and chain that is a great choice if you keep it for cutting bundles of trees.

For the safety brake, It’s a 2 cycle engine with an inertia-activated chain brake which can prevent many accidental issues because this tool is much powerful for this they add a brake feature in it.

For effective performance, automatic chain oil delivers a small supply of bar oil and a steady supply of bar for safe and ultimate performance.

The turn that comes with its powerful engine will be 3.62 that is great because bandsaws provide similar power to run and cut the wood object and surely take the profit from this tool.

This product comes with many features in which this tool adjusts X torque in the engine this can do reduces fuel consumption and

save budget if you are using this to for money earn then it can be great a perfect source for you can do the job quickly. 

Like the old engine which comes on diesel with low octane and takes many times to start the engine

but this thing does not have this product in which installed smart star technology which provides easier sprinting.

It comes with great bar length 24 inch and lightweight the weight of husqvarna is 13.2 lbs. This is the exceluse weight for cutting equipment.

To make it more comfortable for users Husqvarna adds a Low-Vibration system which reduces vibration levels that makes for a more comfortable chainsaw operation.

To save the engine and prevent larger dust and debris not reaching the air filter which is a feature of air injection which keeps it safe from dust. It is also the best chainsaw for cutting big trees.

This product does not come with only a tool that contains a kit For safety use with Husqvarna chainsaw chaps, chainsaw gloves, and chainsaw helmet all the things made it a user-friendly tool.


  • 60. 3cc 24 inch gas chainsaw.
  • 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw Automatic chain oiler delivers
  • x-torque lowers fuel consumption
  • Starts immediately, super easy.


  • Somewhat expensive.

Makita EA7900PRZ1 79 cc Chain Saw

This is the makita brand chainsaw, which comes with a 79 cc engine which provides full power to cut small and large trees such as pine trees, palm trees, and many more.

By using it you collect bundles of wood and make them small pieces quickly. Its sharp blade cut the tree trunk with power.

This tool comes with many features and found much higher spes chainsaws. Makita EA7900PRZ1 powered by a 79 cc engine that generates 5.7 horsepower this tool is ideal for lighted and strong both tree work and hedging.

Its weight is just 18.5 Pounds which provides tight grip with the tee while cutting no more hand power required to force it inward.

The speed of Makita EA7900PRZ1 engine Speed upto 12, 800 RPM which makes it easy to confine in any situation, not require more effort. 

This product provides easy-starting automatic half-throttle lock and fully electric ignition with optimized timing across all its speed ranges. This can reduce power to pull start.

Moreover Its advanced electronic ignition system controls the idling speed and increases a power within the normal output of its rpm.

This Makita 79cc chainsaw combines multiple almost nice power-to-weight ratios which can help lower vibration for a full range of applications.

For such a time when engine cold on that extreme condition, the sliide out baffle can be configured for productive cold weather operations

This tool can be the best tool during farming of any trees such as poplar tree or any more during this time which can mostly be used as fuel

and to make multiple things using the best bandsaw to cut and then it goes many places for example to make furniture.

Its chain is easy to clean and clears chips after use for that then this tool provides long term value and

its versatility have Magnesium housing for improved durability all of these things can improve its performance.


  • Excellent big 79 cc saw for the money.
  • Made in germany.
  •  5.7 horsepower.
  • Hard working with no struggle.
  • 20 inch to 30 inch recommended sized bars.


  • Expensive but value money tool

Yiilove 20″ 58CC Gas Powered Chainsaw 2 Stroke

The Yiilove also provides a chainsaw which can also provide great performance regarding cutting trees.

This product power starts through its engine which is 58CC with 2stroke motor that creates incredible power with the

less efficient fuel consumption, this product can reduce fuel usage up to 20%, that is 1/5 take profit and take advantage by using it.

This product produces a maximum amount of speed with cutting attachments that can provide up to 8500 RPM,

the greater speed with better power to cut big and small trees easily. You won’t face any major issue while cutting trees

Yiilove also provides an air cleaning system which makes it for longer life, its air filter reduces the fuel consumption and countiuly air filters apply when it runs.

This also has an automatic chain oil that keeps the bars oil not dry which can also reduce friction where the problem creates enert loss on other places and this lubricated (grease) extended the life of the chainsaw. 

This function is also great because you don’t need to apply manually grease; this can automatically do its job. You can Operate Yiilove fantastically upright or horizontal when cutting trees.

The design of this product is user friendly, you can use it on any angle. The handle of this product is very comfortable. On its read handle on a trigger which can help to increase its race.

It’s engine keeps 2 cycle oil and gasoline mixing tank to power on and coocheer bar size 20inch by pressing its race button this can increase the maximum speed to cut the wood as you require of a falling tree.

Yiilove is a cheap chainsaw which can be used for career and own use on home or cutting trees. It comes with a lower budget price which you can keep for your use.


  • 58CC with 2-stroke motors.
  • Portability And better Quality Of Our Chainsaw With Minimum Price
  • Cheap Product under 150$
  • Maximum Engine Power 2.5km/8500RPM
  • Perfect tool if you have garage


  • Over tightening the chain of this tool can cause the saw to lose power

WORX WG304.1 Chain Saw 18-Inch 4 15.0 Amp

This is the electric WORX WG304.1 chainsaw. This tool is also great if you are searching for electric powered cheap price chainsaws 

which have a maximum number of features that you can use be for firewood cutting a tree, falling cutting tree, or home basics use as a trimmer to hedges.

This tool comes with a 15.0 Ampere motor which delivers more powerful output which delivers with more powerful cutting performances. The horsepower that this motor provides  4.0 HP.

The chain bar is 18 inch, which can cover a big size under its sharp edge and can cut quickly.

The great thing about this which made it more affordable for users is its electric power motor. 

You do not need to buy extra gasoline, fuel, or gass free Hassle-Free Operation to run and as well as for hand not also required to pull start it.

 Just keep the switch on circuit and push the start button to start it.

This is the best corded electric chainsaw and this tool mostly property related to the stihl chainsaw. 

This tool patent ended with an auto tension chain system on it which prevented the chain from over tightening. This can keep the tension bar by using it; you can take hundreds of uses from it.

Worx can contain many links on the bar to prevent any incident also built in chain brakes for added safety. 

For using it requires grease oil that lubrication not kept in by manual you can keep this oil on its tank, its Oil tank capacity  200 milliliter. 

This can deliver Automatic oil lubrication and built in oil reservoir with window level which is used as an indicator.

This can also help you to cut branches, big roots, even you can cut the trunk , use this worx tool and cut the different size as you want.

WORX WG304.1 ChainSaw provides a 3 year warranty and strongly recommends to use its guide book to gain understanding for better performance.


  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to use.
  • Hassle-free due to no use of gas.
  • Best for beginners and greater cutter.
  • Best chainsaw under 100$.


  • Less powerful than a gas-powered chain saw such as Makita EA7900PRZ1.
  • For long work requires cord extension.

Poulan Pro 20 in. 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw

Poulan Pro 20 in. 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw is a better-quality and durable cutting machine, and it is reputed with one of the most productive and powerful 2 stroke engine chainsaws on the market/aftermarket.

Poulan Pro is a gas-powered chain saw that can come with a 50CC 2 cycle engine that produces powers to cut bundles of wood.

For doing virtually any task this tool comes with OxyPower engine technology, with the help of this you can get that extra power.

Poulan Pro choke handles many issues and makes it easier for you to use it to control allows faster starting and greater reliability by condensing the risk of machine flooding/damage, And as well as for User-friendly combined choke/stop.

This tool can do many tasks related to wood, this tool made ultimate user-friendly, experts can much benefit from this item.

The attached purge bulb, that provides the carburetor with fuel and makes the Poulan Pro easier to start with some pulls, and it can protect and damage from other problems.

Homeowners can greatly benefit from this tool, this can do basic home jobs such as cutting the tree bushes, root, or trunk and making the small as well as tiny pieces of wood which you can use for firewood.

This chainsaw is ideal for beginners as it is very easy to use and start with an oil priming button push.

 It works best for light duties tasks such as cutting wood up to the required size, cleaning up after a storm or any duty, pruning, and many types of general clean-up duties around your home that create day by day,

The trust of Poulan Pro depends on how much of this product they are providing Backed by a 2-year limited warranty to users, this is the ultimate time to judge any tool by a beginner or professional by using it.


  • 20% lower fuel consumption.
  • User-friendly combined choke/stop control allows faster.
  • Item Weight 17 Pounds.


  • Not for the big jobs.

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