The Best Bandsaw For Resawing 2024 (Resawing The Hardwood)

Resawing longer capacity you always see on best product therefore it becomes a necessary thing to find the best band saw that not only provide you performance also increase the productivity.

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Check our info of bandsaw’s that will help you make the confidence about the saw while buying which type of features and function comes on the product.

best bandsaw for resawing
best bandsaw for resawing

Best Bandsaw For Resawing 2023

Grizzly Industrial Bandsaw

Grizzly Industrial Bandsaw

Grizzly Industrial G0513X2-17″ is a professional machine which works with ultimate performance.

This is the overall Budget-Friendly best bandsaw for resawing 2023 and you use this good bandsaw for the money.

Grizzly is the branded industrial product which is made by Grizzly Industrial company, its model is G0513X2-17.

The total size of this tool is 17-inch. This bandsaw is a great style machine for cutting wood, metal, and much more. This tool comes with a 2 HP motor that provides a large cutting capacity.

Many tools such as traditional bandsaw take more time blades than they use for resawing

but this does not have these things, this product can provide you Quick-change blade release/tensioner this thing made it more modern.

Grizzly 2 HP motor powers through hardwoods that use popular blades 131-½, its features are generous which make you amazed with its best performance.

This product 16-¼  throat provides an ample cutting capacity option that you can use for a bundle of applications.

To resaw the different objects you can change the blade but its power is enough to cut as you require shape, design, and size.

This is the perfect bandsaw that you can consider the best bandsaw under 1500. From top to bottom this product is built to perform. 

The resaw operation causes many vibrations on the bandsaw but this minified this issue by having the stout steel frame houses

the computer balanced cast iron wheel fix in it which minimizes the vibration during resawing, by having this function on this tool you can use big objects.

This product also adds a double ball bearing blades guide, that you use on costly machines

but this tool provides you on a low budget for resawing that can help to make work for you easier.

This tool comes with a one year warranty as well as provide US-based support and product related to

this tool such as its spare parts also you see on amazon and United state with easy to reach there.

Due to fixing size cutting this heavy-duty cast iron fence is the best choice which can help while resawing any object to its fix size and front side adjust cast iron trunnion, 

use easily with very productivity, the top of the table doesn’t move when you fix it side-to-side with respect to the blade as it’s tilted.

This tool comes with many features. The following are the most useful features which provide more help in work.

Special Features of this bandsaw:

  • Grizzly Industrial G0513X2- Miter Gauge Included.
  • Two 4″ Dust Ports.
  • It hasLarge Precision-Ground 23-5/8″ x 17-1/4″ Cast-Iron Table.
  • You see Quick-Release Blade Tensioning.
  • This product includes a 131-1/2″ x 1/2″ 6-TPI Hook Blade.
  • This product has Blade Tension Indicator.
  • This tool has a Micro-Adjusting Geared Table.


  • Quick-change blade release/tensioner
  • Best for sawing as well as handle big objects of wood due to its balanced feature.
  • Grizzly Industrial G0513X2 Extra-wide precision-ground cast-iron table
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty and US based support.


  • To run it requires a minimum circuit size of 30A at 110V, 15A at 220V not work below voltage.

JET Steel-Frame Bandsaw

JET Steel-Frame Bandsaw

JET JWBS-14SFX is an overall size 14 inch, this is the branded product which is made by JET brand. This tool always stands behind your work which provides good performance for resawing.

The jet14” SFX band saw provides the woodworker all its premium features of higher-end saw with

its ultimate performance to complete any project with facing issues while doing a project and easily work as per your desire.

This tool is a great source of heavy duty , its heavy duty tubular steel welded construction, this allow durability and stability,

 When sawing large workpieces of wood and this can easily be done its do you face not any issue from this tool and robust stamped steel doors with welded steel its pin hinges.

The jet band saw also features over 13 inches of resaw capacity which is great for you if you want to do small and big tasks that can help you to provide full features.

This tool also offers dual 14-inch dust ports that can collect the maximum of dust and have greater efficiency.

This saw is equipped with the jet’s easily adjustable blade system and this system makes your job more quick and simple as compared to the traditional type of bandsaw.

For most accurate cutting such as design, the jet band saw feature aluminum fence system which can easily visible measurements for the most accurate cutting.

For making deep cuts this large, cast iron table features 360.sq for greater work pieces support.

Table is very heavy and well built. It does not come with a miter gage, that provide the accurate size while cutting objects.

The blade runs very fast which can easily cut the big object. Its blade has 3,000 maximum SFPM blade speed and its blade guide ball bearing.

Makes it one place which can help you to run satrigh forward and as well as you can use it to design tiny objects by using or without using frames.

Its aluminum fence also provides you help to make objects on one position which can be charged as you require.


  • Large Workpiece Support.
  • Strength And Rigidity
  • Large And Small Objects Can Take Accurate Cuts.
  • Many users highly recommend this saw for resawing lumber.


  • wheels are not included but black rubber leveling feet that are included.
  • Not comes with a meter gauge.

JET 3 HP Bandsaw

JET 3 HP Bandsaw

This is also a jet brand bandsaw but only difference is features and hp, this tool provides higher number power with the help of that you can cut big wood pieces that is why it becomes a great source of resawing.

This tool provides 16 inches resaw capacity For cutting the large pieces of wood, slicing veneers, cutting book matched panels and many more with this tool.

If you are searching big bandsaw which can help as industrial and can be used for every resawing project small or large? 

JET JWBS-20-3 is one of them which comes with many different settings. In which its 3 tension settings are included that you can adjust as your desire. 

This saw adjust with 3 HP motor which can provide great turn to the blade upto 4850 SFPM for using it and enjoy its power and make itself capable for resawing.

The dust collection box has 4 inch which make it possible to store a maximum amount of dust in it.

By cutting the tree using the best chainsaw and its pieces can be made small as you require which you can use for many purposes such as for design and you found this too great for your career. 

This is the best 2023 bandsaw which you can use for small as well as for big workshop because of its power and features which are able to perform as a great product.

This product is adjusted with an aluminum resaw fence, this adjusts large fences which can easily adjust many different variants.

This tool comes with a vertical type mount that can handle low space in your workplace. Traditional bandsaws are mostly horizontal and electric powered with doing much work manually.

Such as not having a fence system they take line with pencil in straight forward but now improved time and all improved technology on this product which have maximum number of features with greater HP.


  • 16 inch resaw capacity.
  • Jet Has Four-sided Guide Post With Rack And Pinion Adjustment.
  • This can be performed with Heavy-duty Tensioning With Three Settings.
  • Warranty 5-Year.
  • This haveTable tilts 5 Degree left and 45 Degree right to accommodate a wide variety of cuts.


  • Expensive

Grizzly G0457 Deluxe Bandsaw

Grizzly G0457 Deluxe Bandsaw

This grizzly is a 14-inch deluxe bandsaw. This bandsaw is the budget-friendly and best bandsaw for under 1500$.

Grizzly G0457 Deluxe Bandsaw is small but performed with heavy power. This power tool is a Great 14 inch Wood Cutting Resaw Bandsaw.

Its motor provides 2 HP. the frame of this band saw is made of 1 pieces of welded and reinforced steel, by this change and fixing it then

Machine allows it to hold much higher accuracy tolerances because this tool does not have the frame twist or flex

that can be found in bandsaws with 2 pieces of frames. This is the last thing which made it best bandsaw for the money that is great for resawing.

Blade can adjust on it easily; the maximum size of the blade that this tool accepts is Blade length: 106″(“ mean inch) and Blade width range: 1/8″ – 3/4″.

The speed of this bandsaw blade is very great Blade speed: 3000 FPM that is great for providing multiple functions and features with resawing.

Grizzly is the smoothest piece of woodworking equipment, when you use it, It makes no vibration, no noise, and the blade practically disappear when switched on.

The work surface of this band saw measures 13-½  6- inches, and it uses any wood strong and loosely wood on this band saw blade that’s between 106 and 1/8- 3/4 – inches thickness. 

At 9A/9.5A, pre wired 220V, the motor of this tool is 2 hp which gives amazing results to you can use many object with different variety such as oomph to slice through wood and similar materials

This band saw has a 4 inch dust box that have many expect throughout this can keep the all dust on this box.

Its resaw fence also be removable by having this can create an option to replace with any fance to resaw.

Using it just using wood gives more accurate shape and design as you require, this can not take time to change its belt you can quickly change options also available. 


  • Grizzly G0457 Deluxe Upper and lower ball bearing blade guides and thrust bearings
  • Includes Removable Resaw Fence
  • Budget friendly with high hp


  • Not for size wood.

Powermatic 5 HP Bandsaw

Powermatic 5 HP Bandsaw

Powermatic PM2013B is the greater Horsepower bandsaw that can do big and as well as small jobs. The Cutting Powermatic has a Diameter of 20 Inches. The maximum blade that takes this bandsaw Blade Length 170 Inches.

Due to its big size this product also Items Weight 959 pounds. This tool also has assembled Diameter 20 Inches

 You can use it as an industrial this motor saw can resaw any objects that you require by using this you can make anything such furniture cutting.

If you are worried about using a bandsaw in Europe such as Australia then this product is one of the great to use for any purpose for small and as well as for large workshops.

Big size of tree as wood use it does not cause any like overheat or overload but provides great results from this tool which you can use for many purposes.

By using this tool you won’t see any vibration and noise using hard or smooth wood on the table that you can use its garage and set which thing you require by setting that you will be able to get any resawing.

This power of this tool really amazing and you also be compare grizzly bandsaws.

The larger projects and larger workpieces require more pieces but you will find this thing on this bandsaw if you want greater work.

this not be only use for resawing capacity you also be tackle tons of project and pass large to small types of wood and cut it easily with the use of its high power.

The results that you got from the hand saw this tool easily provide you can also compare it with a fine-toothed hacksaw.

If you use the best bandsaw blade for resawing this can be best for you to increase more productivity in your work, might be in list bandsaw

also comes with a resawing best blade that you easily use to resaw rather this tool also has bandsaw greater hp for which you must use for resawing for greater and right results.


  • This Product Micro-adjustable Bearing Guide System this Gives Close Blade Control While Reducing Friction.
  • 5 Horsepower that can provide greater power through the motor.
  • Stabilizes smaller blades.
  • That Can be used in the horizontal or vertical position.


  • Expensive 

WEN 3959 Benchtop Band Saw

WEN 3959 Benchtop Band Saw

If you worried about finding the best benchtop bandsaw for resawing, the wen benchtop bandsaw is worthy.

This tool is a considerable resaw bandsaw for sale that fully tries to provide you the value of the money because different users satisfied

with this best budget bandsaw for resawing, if your budget comes under 150 this tool is the ultimate choice forever use.

If you take one thing project then a bandsaw sled for resawing is excellent for you. That sled you also be made according to

your use or get from metal sleds that allow you to get the very nice cuts perfectly at 90 degrees.

This can easily use for resawing lumber this benchtop bandsaw one of a best bandsaw for resawing lumber. This can also provide you 14” bandsaw resaw capacity.


Which bandsaw blade for resawing?

Resawing the wider boards need a blade that can cut smoothly even the stock’s more thickness.

Basically wonder the blade in return exact straight cuts of the object. That means if you have wood and want to resaw it you must check its wider and use the widest blade your bandsaw can handle easily.

Most of the saws accept at least a 1/2 inch wider blade and also many bandsaws allow more than 1/2 inch.

A wide 3-tooth/Inch blade that delivers the perfect blend of smooth cut and sawdust port exodus from that resawing of wood requires.

What is the best bandsaw for Resawing?

Overall Grizzly Industrial G0640X is the best bandsaw for resawing, this tool offers both cutting metal and as well wood.

By the Use of the best bandsaw blade for resawing, you can easily resaw the wood in a variety of sizes.

This is a little expensive bandsaw than a normal saw but this provides you long performance, if you go with a used bandsaw that also is the best option for you to buy the resaw the bandsaw for sale.

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