The Best Horizontal Band Saw For Metal Cutting (Cut Metal With Bandsaw)

To cut a metal requires a hard force of the hand to cut it and cause much and quick tire, how nice if you cut a lot of metal fastly and without more effort.

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This can happen only with a bandsaw, to get the faster and quicker results to require the best band saws for cutting metal, and horizontal can provide you easy to do work.

For this, we research and find the best bandsaw which works perfectly for your desire and gives the ultimate response with quick actions.

best bandsaw

JET Deluxe Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw

JET HVBS-712D 7″x12″ can work on both position Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw. Experts can take many benefits from this bandsaw to cut varieties of metals.

115 voltages are required to run its motor that cuts metal, this tool has Blade wheels which are made from flanged cast iron for increased durability.

You also adjust its height and width because this tool has Cast mounted adjustable hydraulic downfeed. Jet also has Adjustable ball bearing blade guides.

To make the portable this tool is an adjusted tire that allows the user to use it at any place in your workshop, garage or home where you feel you can easily do your work from it.

This is a special tool that is especially used to cut metal including each type of steel; Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, or Stainless Steel. Only you require to change the blade that can Sharpe and easily cuts the objects

This machine is an exclusive product which you can use this tool to cut different types of metals,

 which includes aluminum and steel, with the help of multiple speed settings (this tool comes with also a feature that is variable speed which you can adjust according to your requirement).

 This speed setting allows the user to fine tune the saw to reach your cut easily.

This machine has a unit’s rapid action vise that will allow operators to adjust them with preset mitering positions at 15°, 30° & 45°., to do work without more effort and quickly get the several cuts.

When the machine overloaded then it got heat up to prevent this issue JET company added a function in it

that is the consistent coolant nozzle/pipe system which provided a guarantee of smooth cutting of metal at horizontal orientation while preventing from overheating its motor.


  • hydraulic feed control works great.
  • High-quality and durable construction and components
  • It is Horizontal band saw with a powerful bi-metal blade
  • Cuts tons of steel bars


  • Not easy to use especially for experts.

KAKA 7-inch Metal Cutting Horizontal Band Saw

KAKA BS-712N, 7-inch is a Metal Cutting Horizontal Band Saw. This unit contains many safety features for

both commercial and industrial use, it also includes guards covering the machine and attaches in liquid cooling.

KAKA BS-712N provides users with the versatility that you are looking for in a bandsaw.

The great thing about this band saw can be switching both positions horizontal and vertical mods, it mostly depends on you what type of project you want to do and set it as you want.

This bandsaw has a roller cabinet which helps to store tools and material this thing helps you to while using it for your needs.

Its motor requires a minimum 115 volts which generate 1.5 horse power that can be enough to supply its blade which cuts many types of blade.

This bandsaw is designed to ease the cutting system. This tool has quick clamps that enable the operator to secure. It allows the quick clamps to be rotated from 0° to 45° degrees.

This gives you full control over the user’s full metal works jobs. To increase its cutting performance the coolant protects its blade from overheating and this thing guides it for prolonged use.

KAKA BS-712N, 7-inch bandsaw features with iron cast construction and tools that assure great performance under its heavy usage. This is both a horizontal/vertical metal cutting band saw.

This tool comes with 12, 7-inch rectangular capacity and has variable speed which you can control at four speeds that allow people to cut different types of metal with varieties of densities that come with metal.

It comes with a set of four wheels on the bottom side of the machinery, that thing makes your work easier to move anywhere in the shop, garage, or at home and start using work on it.

This corded electric powered bandsaw also has hydraulic feeds which allows it to tune at a perfect feed rate.

It also comes with a power break protection system, in which machine will power off automatically when the rear protective cover is opened.


  • It cuts clean and accurate.
  • Easy adjustment of blade’s tension.
  • With a cooling system.


  • Expensive.

Grizzly Industrial Metal-Cutting Bandsaw

Grizzly Industrial G0561-7″ x 12″ 1 HP Metal-Cutting Bandsaw is the best saw for expert and experienced people. They use it and give amazing and more accurate results as they want to cut the metal sheet.

Cut of metal can be done with many saws such as dremel, miter saw, angle grinder, jigsaw, or hacksaw etc.

One of the impressive things about this bansaw is its level controlled guide lock which enables users to make the perfect adjustment up to the workpieces for optimum support.

Its quick-release lever can allow people to transfer to the ensuing pieces fastly and the blade

The guides of this bandsaw are fully adjustable with ball bearings that satisfy provide straight cuts from this saw.

The industrial horizontal band saw blade has a one-speed variation, at a single speed, it provides 314 ft. min,

you can increase and decrease the blade speed according to the object thickness and its Blade speeds: 80, 130, 180, 235 FPM.

you can easily adjust fully hydraulic down feed to change its feed rate when you are trying to switch among steel and aluminum.

This comes with a level lock that has a deep throated vise which offers maximum grip that is required for straight cuts.

This best small metal-cutting bandsaw motor works on minimum of 110 volts and the motor generate completely 1 HP which can cut a great number of bars of metal easily which they want to cut their works.

Grizzly is manufactured with more accuracy and provocative way for users. This tool allows users to make cuts ranging from 0 to 60 degrees. 

This horizontal bandsaw is straightforward  to set the cuts at different angles, that means no

time is lost in between the cuts  because you set it only one time and provide continuously regular pieces without change of every time.


  • Provides 1 HP.
  • Hydraulic feed control
  • Adjustable Blade Guides
  • Best bandsaw under 1500


  • Expensive.
  • Not with four wheels.

WEN Metal-Cutting Band Saw with Stand

This is the best small metal-cutting WEN 3970T 4-inch x 6-inch bandsaw that also comes with a stand. WEN comes with a 4.6 amp motor that generates excellent power to cut objects.

This can complete your searching desire for an affordable bandsaw with many features and one that can offer users regular performance, WEN 3970T is a worthy tool consideration. 

This tool comes with an ordinary design, this can be used both vertically and horizontally

which can also allow you to use it to cut plastic, rubber, or wood, and much more things with this low price bandsaw. 

The vertical mode of this bandsaw allows the user to cut strange and complex shapes & design easily. This is the one of them which can also be used by beginners.

You won’t use it in metal only to ( mean for one thing) give a cut but this machine also allows users to give pieces with different metals, including steel, brass, and copper.

WEN 3970T allows user to change the operating speed as the required speed person can easily change the speed of the

blade, you can only adjust the blade speed to 80, 120, or 200 feet per minute for compatibility

with a variety of metals that you used for cut, and this thing can work accurately with specific material density.

For cutting the circular and rectangular metrail of capacity is approximately 4.6 inch diameter and 4 x 6 inch. if you’re doing a lot of cutting of heavier gauge metals with fastly.

This band saw has many features in which a unique feature is auto shut that turn off the saw as as the work has been completed,

this function of saw saves the from unusual wear, tear and adds to its durability feature.

This is the value provided bandsaw which can easily be used for many purposes that can also be a great option which you can take it for home

and use it for multi-purposes and implement on varieties of ideas and as well as increase your experience in this field.


  • The best horizontal band saw under $500 to most buyers.
  • Small and portable.
  • Value for money
  • It provides accurate and fine cuts.


  • WEN have Low table height.
  • Not fit large metrail.

Klutch Horizontal/Vertical Metal Cutting Band Saw

Klutch Horizontal/Vertical Metal Cutting Band Saw is also the best tool that provides the full capability to cut metal and its similar things to get the perfect shape that you want.

Klutch Horizontal/Vertical Metal Cutting Band Saw comes with a powerful motor that has the ability to deliver 3/4 HP,

its motor runs on 120V which can cut everything from aluminum and brass to rugged alloy and steel easily without any need of an extra motor which delivers more power to cut them.

This has featured a vertically cutting plate for cutting small pipes of metal. This tool has a greater cutting capacity which

you can use for small and as well as for big projects it provides 4 1/2in. round stock, 4 1/2inch.–6inch. rectangular.

This tool also comes with variable speed options in which you can deliver 3 separate blade speeds that can be adjusted as the requirement you can use its speed under 80, 120, and 200 FPM.

This tool is excellent tools that provide help to releasing bulked cutting with a high and smooth experience of sawoomh. 

This product is incredible which provides more accurate and precise cutting. If you use high-quality and powerful blades that allow for more precise cutting and thinning of the cutting material.

This tool not only comes with only a tool it also comes with (1) Band saw(1) Workbench(1) Blade(1) Stand.


  • It comes with variable speed options.
  • W position rocker switch with position locker 
  • Can be used vertically and horizontally.
  • Best under 500


  • It does not come with a coolant system.

Buying Guide

cutting metal with bandsaw

Buying a guide is important before buying a right bandsaw, here we try to cover each thing which helps you to select the excellent and well durable saw for your works.

Points to Look for in a Metal Band Saw

Different operator who are experience on metal industry field they describe different charasistic

while buying the bandsaw, to remember or buy that tool can comes to expensive price option they may not tell you

that you must focus on that point these are important for you to get the best for you to use on for cutting any types of metal.

We have such a point that you look at the product and it will be very helpful for you. So, following are the points which must be checked before buying a right and best bandsaw.


Safety is one of the important features that you must see before you buy the bandsaw. It can be a vertical or horizontal bandsaw which you use for cutting of metal.

Safety is a very critical point when it comes to any machine operation, if not avail it can damage body parts.

At the best option you always go to that bandsaw which comes with types of safety option for additional protection.

The blade guard is necessary for protecting the hand finger from the risks with the sharp edges of the blade.

A metal bandsaw with a blade guide which stuck in place regardless of cutting in angle.

There are a variety of safety concerns joined with blades of bandsaw. The main area of that place is the blades idler wheel and

a guide wheel that spins at very high speed as well creates a safety threat which you should not underestimate on that point.

Guide and idler should be hidden in the frame saw by the use of metal covers on it.

Coolant system of a bandsaw also matters on quality, you must be sure that the motor

which is fitted on the bandsaw and the pulley system does not overheat when extended operations.

And this thing you also are looking for automatic shut off when buying your right horizontal/vertical band saw.

Bandsaw stops the blade automatically from spinning when you done your jobs.

Variable Speeds

Variable speed is the best thing that helps the operator to increase the productivity of your work and you cut the metal sheet easily.

That means you go for that saw which has multiple speed settings. Mostly brass and steel require low speed for

cutting of about 100ft/m and as well another material requires different speed settings which you use when required.


Size depends on the work buy which you require for your workshop that mean larger size are more expensive

than the small size of the bandsaw because in small most bandsaw attach small and many of options

may not be available on this type of saw for larger projects or require a powerful motor.

Horizontal and vertical metal band saws come in various sizes and all available on different markets. Running from benchtop bandsaw models to large floor models.

However your choice will be on the scale of your work as we describe, so, before buying, pay some attendance

to the size of the bandsaw table. If you want a large one that is enough to support a big workpiece and you easily cut, and

if you do not necessarily buy it, you may require some customization to make the cutting process meter as well as prevent strain and fatigue whenever you operate a bandsaw.


Portability playing important factor for many reason , if you own a small shop and use horizontal vertical metal cutting band saw then you transfer it

from one job site to another one and as well this feature can also be used on large workshop you use it easily and where you want to make the transportation quicker

for you as compared with which not have the portable option and as well may this type of feature found on the small horizontal band saw.

Why is portability important? If you work at multiple stations in a workshop/ garage or when there is a need to transport machines to another

jobsite and for this reason, you can not transport easily if the bandsaw with wheel portability and that’s why this is the need and importance for a bandsaw.

If you are going to buy a swivel metal cutting bandsaw which is also associated with wheel locks to prevent any accidental rolling

which causes damage to the machine and this type of function may you not found on benchtop metal cutting vertical band saw.

If a machine without any wheel locks can also suit you cutting metal needs, but be sure to always keep on that place that secures the band saw. 

Blade positions

If you go with a single angle blade option may not show that productivity which you can find on

different blade position bandsaws and this type of feature you also will take most of the best band saws under 500.

A right hor/ver band saw has multiple cut positions. Most of the cut angles are 30 and 45 degree, some upgraded models of band saw allow

the operator to rotate up to a 60-degree angle. As you use the different angles the work on the bandsaw becomes effortless.

Reasons to Buy a Horizontal/Vertical Cutting Metal Band Saw

Horizontal and vertical bandsaws are the most modern and upgraded version of bandsaw

which allows users to take benefits from it and move toward that work which makes work more fastly and effortlessly.

Different people describe you that why you buy that saw but here we describe the most important reason

that allows you to buy a Horizontal/Vertical Cutting Metal Band Saw. so, check also that reasoning points about the best metal cutting bandsaw.

  • One of the top benefits of this kind of saw is that its versatility which means you not only use it for one material also be used for different types of material such as wood, plastic, and different sub metal types such as stainless steel, aluminum, and many more, it allows users to undertake horizontal and vertical cutting tasks on the same machine, you did not require to buy separately tool horizontal and vertical.
  • That bandsaw is equipped with several safety features including a coolant system, auto shut off, and a blade guard which prevents any injury.
  • Most of that bandsaw is ideal for a high volume of jobs with some featuring programmable functions to handle most of the repetitive jobs.
  • The great thing about these bands saw is that they cut large metal workpieces to make the standard size and not forgetting their ability to cut various metal types such as bears, steel, copper, wrought iron and aluminum.

How to Use a Horizontal and Vertical Metal Band Saw?

This is the special guide for new operator beginners who want to use not know how they use it for many different projects easily.

It becomes a tension for a user to use the bandsaw for the first time, for such an experience of using the tool it becomes easier for the operator to handle the cuts seamlessly.

Here we provide some little bit instruction for using a bandsaw for metal cutting which helps you as a users guide.

  • Firstly mark the preferred cut line on your workpiece of metal using permanent maker or any other appropriate tools. For accuracy you use a digital gauge along the piece or pipe of metal. The visible line of the object makes the cuts more accurate as you use for desired works.
  • After that metal cutting band saw blades suppliers help you to select the right blade and they provide you if you know. After that you can adjust the band saw on the saw guard as the instruction guide described.
  • Selecting the preferred angle which makes the desire and right cuts for you.
  • Press the power button and the blade should start the spinning, and coolant system activated.
  • Then you just start pressing the handle work or pulling the metal toward the blade slowly which makes the cuts safely and easily.

Best Place To Buy A Metal Cutting Band Saw

When buying a bandsaw many markets come to mind but not safefed which one can be an excellent for your to select the right metal cutting band saw.

Many people post their offers on tech sites which might or not be related to your requirement.

However a bandsaw is a valuable machine not a food, toys or something you can take lightly.

One worne selection can destroy you budget so, buying one will always costly investment, not to spend the risk of purchasing faulty or too much used metal cutting bandsaw machine

So, buy from that place which has too much trust of people. However the best and safest place where you can order a bandsaw online is amazon.

Amazon is one of the online platforms where you get many branded bandsaw and as well many people or may include you also be trust on this platform. 

This online market (which you also considered as the best bandsaw aftermarket and you can easily also get some best used bandsaw) has a stick role that applies to people; buyers or vendors.

The best thing about it is that it also offers free shipping to some areas that save the rent of a bandsaw.

One of the best and great things about amazon is that you are authorized to use their refund/return policy about bandsaw.

For example if you order a tool that accident can occur at any time, and you receive it in a damage condition and that time the return policy helps you.

If you face a problem with what you saw you can also and easily return the product to amazon as the desire of its issue.

So, whenever you buy from amazon you must check the previous buys thought of the product and find out everything about it like material durability, safety option, and as well comfortment.

Final Thought

If you get a right and excellent condition used bandsaw it can be horizontal and vertical or any other not miss it because buying new, spending many more budgets and also people you can catch the person if you face any problem on the machine.

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