The Best Benchtop Bandsaw For Metal -Small shop & workshop Bandsaw

Benchtop Band Saws is one of the tools that can do all the things which an angle grinder and miter can not. 

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Whether you are a beginner or pro this can happen if you pick the best choice for your work such as for metal.

In markets, many brands introduce themselves as the best bandsaw but the best bandsaw can decide customers and experts who judge with their use and functions.

Here we provide the best option to pick Benchtop Bandsaw For Metal to which users and professionals recommended.

You can select according to your budget and friendly base to do something new for your projects and make it easier and faster for you.

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best benchtop bandsaw for metal cutting

Best Benchtop Bandsaw For Metal Cutting

Klutch Benchtop Metal Cutting Band Saw

This is the klutch brand Benchtop Metal Cutting Band Saw, this is the corded electric powered 120 volts bandsaw which has full ability to different size of a metal object and sheets easily.

This klutch benchtop metal cutting bandsaw is a compact, powerful bandsaw that is easy to move where you need to cut the metal easily.

This tool contains 120 motors which generate 1/2 HP easily and cut the metal easily even if you’re a beginner.

In which adjusted a BI-metal blade which delivers with variable speed of 130 to 288 FPM to cut the material.

To fix the ideal cutting position it has a quick positioning vise that securely holds the material for more accurate cutting.

This tool has many features and benefits such as the cutting capacity of this blade with its motor power is that 3.3 inches, round stick 3.3 big, and -4.1 back us in rectangular stock.

You can use the blade 52in. x 1/2in. x 1/40in. (1325mm x 13mm x 0.65mm) a bi-metal blade that delivers variable blade speeds of 130–288 FPM

The weight of this product compared to the miter saw and circular saw is high. The total weight of this product is 48.0 lbs.

If you have a small shop and need something better than a friction saw or an angle grinder this is it. It works amazing right that you want from this one.

Eastwood Benchtop Metal Aluminum Cutting Bandsaw 

This is the saw which specialty comes for cutting metal-like material such as metal, steel, or aluminum and many more that you want to use for their small and big projects.

This is the corded electric powered benchtop table saw, this product manufactured by the brand Eastwood and it comes in multi-color. This is also portable due to the weight of this product is around 47 pounds

This can also execute a big blade. The blade length you require to cut the metal is 52 inches that you can also buy extra for it.

Thus Eastwood bandsaw is a must for cutting the tubing easily and perfectly when times come up of fabricating 

The great thing about this metal cutter is that it makes the perfect miter cuts from different angles from 90 degrees to 45.

This tool runs on 120V, which has a throat capacity of 3.25 inch and the width capacity is 4.5 inches with the help of blade speed from 100-260 Ft.min easily.

This tool provides fast and accurate cuts in a variety of materials with the help of a powerful 1,000-watt motor which also provides the ability to provide a variable speed option also.

Which you can control by using its trigger and the hand on pistol grip handle.

Kaka Industrial BS-85 110V-60HZ-1PH Metal Cutting Band Saw

Kaka Industrial BS-85 comes with the portable option, this is lightweight and stability features that easily handle each type of task.

This tool also joins many angles to give different types of cut and can be rotated from 0 to 45 degree.

This tool is easier to cut brass copper, aluminum, and more, the great thing about this benchtop bandsaw is that it can cut through almost anything.

To make the operation safer for you it has automatic shut off features which are fitted in this machine.

It has a powerful motor that works on 1kw and generates on blade speed 130 to 288 easily to cut more metal projects.

This product also provides a variable speed knob and frame lock option to cut the same thing easily and it has an adjustable ruler blade guide.

Before using it you must check the guide book how you can use and features of this product work to make your tasks easier and faster for you.

WEN 3975T 4-7/8-inch x 5-inch Metal-Cutting Benchtop Band Saw

This is the 5 inch metal bandsaw this tool also comes in 6 inch but the price of that tool is a little bit high.

You can also look at that tool for cutting metal and make the perfect and accurate cuts that you want to use in it.

This can adjust the blade speed anywhere that you want from 125 to 260 feet per min for compatibility with different metals.

WEN 3975T has a bevel blade that helps to create cuts anywhere with different angles to deliver different types of cuts on hard material from 0 to 60 degrees.

The Cut pipes up to the 5 inch in diameter or rectangular material with another size up to the 5×4-7/8 inches in size.

This design is small but in a compact design which makes for easy transportation and storage anywhere in the garage to the workshop.

For users intrust on this product they provide almost two years of warranty that can be backed by a two-year warranty.

GENERAL INTERNATIONAL 4″ Portable Metal Cutting Bandsaw 

Portable Metal Cutting Bandsaw comes in lightweight property The total weight of this product is almost 33 pounds and 120 volts required to run this bandsaw.

general international bandsaw contains high powered cutting capacity due to having a powerful motor that easily and efficiently handles different metal cutting needs.

This comes with a 550 W motor which generates 3/4 HP to give more depth cuts for best performance.

The general bandsaw is more like the power that the table saw because of their power like but this benchtop used for cutting the various sizes of metal also includes an adjustable blade guide for more cutting precision and stability.

general international not comes with a variable speed option but only comes with a 2-speed option that makes the cuts at 197ft. min and 262 ft/min and also well as this can be used a well lengthy blade which is sized 52-1/2 inches.

The blade can also be changeable fix according to the given in guide easily fix it if you have somewhat knowledge of this tool then you it not be required

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