The 5 Best Belt Sander for Deck (Smooth Finish on Board)

It’s critical to consider the type of job you’ll be working on with your belt sander.

If you plan to Handle massive, tough jobs with longboards, like sanding your deck or installing hardwood flooring, a simple, portable device is the way to go.

These are made to fit comfortably in your hands and provide you complete control when operating.

Refinishing an old deck in the garden which hasn’t been updated in years is a common home task among ‘Do it Yourself’ peeps.

Decks are often constructed of treated timbers that are incredibly long-lasting.

belt sander

They provide aesthetic surroundings to your residence, but only if you regularly wash it down and add a protective finishing.

When dealing with such a large amount of wood, selecting the appropriate sander is crucial.

The issue is, which sanders are ideal for refurbishing decks? Let’s examine a few of the nuances of deck refurbishing in more detail and finalize the best belt sander for deck.

Best Belt Sander 2022

So, what’s the best belt sander for deck? Let’s find out…

Makita Belt Sander 

The expanded base of this belt sander allows for flush sanding. Its 4″ broad belt moves stock quickly at 1,640 feet per minute, and its 84 decibels reduce noise to a minimum.

The wide front grip provides comfort and control for the operator, and the simple lever control makes changing belts a breeze. 

This sander has two layers of insulation. The removable ceramic wear plate reduces maintenance time,

while the low profile ensures solid balance and minimal gouging. The grit is kept confined by a high-efficiency dust collector.

Removal Of Materials in A Quick Time

This model by Makita does quiet stock removal and ensures that you can get the maximum out of the power and speed from this sander.

The 9403 is a top-of-the-line belt sander for woodworkers to help them with wood carvings, carpenters to help them make furniture, and so on for all types of contractors.


The 9403 gets all the power from the 11 AMP motor, which allows you to control the speed according to the type of load.

When the sander is running at the maximum speed, the quietness is only equal to the maximum frequency of human air capacity, not more than that, which makes it bearable.


It is the quietest machine which is an outstanding achievement as this feature is one of the favorites for many people.

Large grip

It has a tremendous grip that helps to do the job perfectly.

WEN Belt Sander 

When was the last time you required a flexible and dependable sander? Wen’s 3 x 21-inch 7-amp heavy-duty belt sander easily removes jagged splinters, peels paint and polishes edges.

For quick and straightforward material removal, the high-powered 7-amp motor rotates the belt at a pace of 820 feet per minute.  

The belt can reach and sand even the tightest of corners since the front roller extends over the top edge of the housing.

Because of its light yet robust construction, the sander weighs only six pounds, reducing user fatigue while in use.

Continuous sanding is possible because of the lock-in safety function, which eliminates the need for a steady hold on the trigger switch.

Heavy-duty belt sander

WEN’s 3″ x 21″ 7-Amp Heavy Duty Belt Sander easily deburrs jagged splinters, removes paint, and polishes edges.

For quick and straightforward material removal, the high-powered 7-amp motor rotates the belt at a pace of 820 feet per minute.

The strap can reach and sand even the tightest of corners since the front roller extends over the top edge of the housing.

Because of its light but robust construction, the sander weighs only 6 pounds, reducing user fatigue.

Sanding Belt that is Simple to Change

Adjusting grits and switching sandpapers is a breeze with the fast-release sanding belt.

A Large Dust Bag

The accompanying dust bag collects all of your workpiece’s splinters, reducing cleanup time in the workplace.

Front Roller Extend

For reaching tight corners and limited areas, the front roller drapes slightly past the sander’s body.

SKIL Belt Sander 

While the SKIL 7510-01 Belt Sander is less expensive than a professional belt sander and even cheaper than some comparable hobbyist versions, its modest cost does not represent its quality.

This belt sander should be chosen above rival models by someone who has never used a belt sander

before and has no genuine interest in woodworking. Its basic controls ensure that no prior expertise is required to obtain a good result.

Professional woodworkers should avoid SKIL 7510-01 because it lacks the power required to be helpful in a professional atmosphere and will not withstand heavy-duty outings five days a week.

SKIL made care to incorporate almost everything a hobbyist would ever need from a belt sander when creating it, and it is still at the cutting edge of innovation more than ten years later.

Vacuum Attachment and Micro-Filtration

Vacuum attachment and micro-filtration control the amount of wood dust.

Sanding of the Flush Edge

For optimal capacity, flush edge sanding sands straight up to the edge.

Pressure control tech

This is a 6-amp belt sander that may be used on several different wood kinds.

It has a one-of-a-kind pressure-control technology that practically eliminates the possibility of misjudgments and errors during sanding by lighting an indicator light when you apply the proper lot of stress to your selected surface.

For the best finish, pressure control technology checks the sanding pad pressure used.

Filtering tech

The SKIL 7510-01 Belt Sander’s filtering technology is unlike any palm sander in its price bracket.

Substantial debris is collected in a transparent dust canister that can be easily changed and disposed of.

The micro-filtration technique removes all dust pollutants from the surface, preserving the client from sawdust-related health problems.

Metabo HPT Belt Sander 

This belt sander with variable speed sands wooden and metallic surfaces, polishes floors, prepares surfaces for painting, eliminates rust and old paint, and finishes masonry materials like slate and concrete.

The sander is driven by a wear-resistant V-belt that provides double the service life. For the roughest sanding operations, the 1,020W motor delivers destructive power. 

The variable speed dial sets the speed from 820 to 1,475 feet per minute for better control throughout any operation.

The primary and auxiliary handles include a soft elastomer grip surface for a pleasant and stable grip. 

The tracking glass increases vision of the sanding area and sanding belt while in operation,

and the lightweight design (just 9.5 lbs) makes it easier to move and reduces strain. For maintenance purposes, the drive belt cover may be removed. 

The dust collecting bag on the left side of the machine enhances corner sanding operations while minimizing airborne particles to keep the work environment clean.

The motor is nine amps and is quite powerful.

For the most demanding sanding operations, the 9.0 Amp, 1020W motor provides destructive power. It is famous for its strength.

Speed dial

Variable Speed Dial allows you to change the speed from 820 to 1,475 feet per minute for better control throughout any operation.


Sanding is rapid and uniform, thanks to the flush surface design.

Window for Tracking

During usage, the sanding surface and sanding belt are more visible.


With a maximum speed of 800 feet per minute, the Craftsman 7 A belt sander has a 3″ x 21″ angled belt design to sand close to neighboring surfaces. 

Additionally, the tool-free belt release enables quick and easy belt adjustments, and the 3-position over-molded grip increases user comfort. 

Finally, the high-capacity dust collector and onboard dust bag keep your workspace dust-free, reducing the amount of cleanup necessary. A 3-year limited warranty is included with this device.

High performance

This is a high-performance machine made to make your home designing easy

Tool-free belt

It has a tool-free belt which is a very innovative concept of designing


An angled belt is used to sand surfaces that are close together.


The maximum material removal speed is 800 FPM.


Belt release without a tool for quick and easy belt changes, eases its users to change the belts when they think it is the time


 High-capacity dust collection with an onboard dust bag.


A three-position over-molded handle enhances user comfort. The comfort level that it provides is exemplary.

Users have been talking highly about the comfort that it provides while working. This sounds something old-school or not very tech geeky, but people belonging to the industry know how much of a big deal it is to have comfort when working

Speed control 

A variable speed dial controls the speed at the base. This feature has a huge fan base as people love the speed dial or speed control, whatever one may call it, which is something worthy to be on the list of its prestigious features.


It is compatible with the VERSATRACK Wall Organization System. Its users highly appreciate this great feature.


What type of sander is best for decks? 

When refinishing a deck, a random orbital sander is the most economical sander to use since it sands wood in an oval pattern.

For this job, random orbital sanders are simple to operate and practical. When you use a random orbital sander instead of another type,

you’ll notice significantly fewer mechanical patterns on your deck surface. This is because the abrasive sandpaper moves in an uneven way rather than a straight line or circle.

Can I use a belt sander on my deck? 

Yes, a belt sander works great on a wood flooring and it can easily make your deck smoother eliminating the uneven surfaces and rough areas from the deck. Compared with floor sander, a belt sander can give you more finishing.

How long does it take to sand a deck with a belt sander

Sanding a 25m2 deck with a belt sander will take you around 8 hours on average. However, there are a few variables that might influence how long it takes to sand your decking.
1. Three things can affect the timing, which are 
2. the state of the decking 
3. the size 
4. and the type

Which belt sander is best?

WEN belt sander is the best belt for sander deck because it is reviewed the best by the customers.

WEN is the one product which has all the necessary features and is not very pricey as well. This has a great history of customer satisfaction, and its users have been reviewing it very well.

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