The Best Airless Paint Sprayer For Contractor (2024)

Skilled paint spraying is a lot of effort, and it’s not something you’d anticipate from a Homemade job.

Agreement painting tasks are usually on a considerably higher level, demand significantly more talent, and necessitate a completely different paint spraying apparatus.

A professional paint sprayer can achieve results that lighter, less efficient paint applicators intended for personal use just cannot.

Commercial paint sprayers provide users with a significant boost in strength and adaptability, and as a result, they may be an investment.


We’ve maintained these evaluations distinct from our regular paint sprayer ratings since the best airless paint sprayer may cost over $800 and is commonly purchased for between $990-$2100.

Considering this, deciding on the right option for such a significant investment may be difficult and frustrating.

To assist you, we’ve put up a list of three of the top best airless paint sprayer for contractors in use by pros.

Best Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews

So, what’s the best airless paint sprayer for contractor? Let’s find out…

Graco Magnum 262800 X5:

Features of this very product are described below:

  • Quality: 

 X5 Airless Paint Sprayer from Graco. This standing sprayer is simple to operate, compact, mobile, and incredibly good, making it ideal for a variety of at-home applications.

  • Hose with Pressure Manager:

It comes with a 24-foot pipe but can sustain up to 74 feet, and you can manage the movement of color with pressure management. This also allows customers to paint straight from a color container thanks to its versatile drawing tube and fast flow rate.

  • Viscous Paint:

With its high horsepower engine, the Graco 262800 can handle thick paint and varnishes without clotting and manage spraying projects of virtually any scale.

  • Easy To Clean:

Graco is well-known for its easy-to-clean products. After using these paint sprayers, you can generally run freshwater into them to wash the bulk of the paint out of the device, keeping cleanup simple and enabling you to go right to work on your next project after the last is over.

  • Low In Cost:

This airless paint sprayer considers both expertise and economy. This device was created to be easy on your wallet while providing you with incredible professional features to suit your business uses with no effort.

It avoids over spraying and ensures equal distribution for a beautiful, clean texture.

  • Versatility:

This equipment, also known as the “primer chief,” gives highly stress-free priming that is excellent for any material, such as wall surfaces or furniture, making it a straightforward gadget to operate.

  • Solvent Based Lacquer:

This nearly perfect machine can spray just about every covering, but it does have faults in this field; however, unlike Wagner 91,

While using big and bulky acrylics or rubber, it works nicely, but not with chemical lacquer. If you can afford it, it’s a fantastic piece of machinery to have.

Titan 0580009 ControlMax 1700 High Efficiency:

This is second-best product, and its features are:

  • High Efficiency: 

Titan’s device, or High-Efficiency Airless, innovation is used in this gadget. It has a 0.6-hp motor designed to paint a variety of color ingredients on various materials at the appropriate pressure.

  • No Unnecessary Spillage:

The airless paint sprayer on the gadget has a capacity of 0.35 gallons per minute and a total capacity of 301 gallons annually. This type has to lock, and tipping protects to prevent contents from spilling.

  • Physical Appearance And Accessories:

It has a 0.0177 point thickness, which reduces spillages by half compared to standard nozzles.

The Titan ControlMax 1700 features a sturdy metal structure, simple-to-access grips, and two moving wheels, making it simple to move about.

  • Innovation:

It has advanced HEA technologies, preventing over-spraying and allowing the nozzle to be moved to clear any blockage.

  • No Filter:

This gadget is excellent; however, it lacks a lot of functions compared to its competition.

It arrives with a durable pipe 52 to 85 feet long, which is adequate for professional tasks.

The sprayer does not have filtration, and the difficulties it might cause during cleaning are a major disadvantage.

  • Consistent Spray:

Not only that, but it also has fantastic power, accuracy, and spraying consistency. The High-Efficiency Airless function reduces overspray, resulting in very little waste and cleaning well after the project.

Generally, the Titan ControlMax 1,700 is among the most effective and successful airless paint applicators available.

It’s a high-quality painter that can manage large amounts of material and is ideal for significant jobs like constructing buildings.

Most significantly, it’s much less expensive than the bulk of airless sprayers on the market and, with regular care, may last longer.

Wagner 0580678 Control Pro:

This is our third product, and its premium features are:

  • Hoses:

Try the Wagner Control Pro 130 Power Tank Airless Standing Painting Sprayer if you need a fixed paint sprayer.

It comes with a 26-foot pipe (but it can accommodate a 51-foot line) and can carry up to 1.5 gallons of color at once, easy for the users to finish multiple tasks without having to replenish the bucket.

  • Smooth Finish:

For effortless preparing, spraying, and refinishing, color is gravitationally pulled through the pipe.

It generates up to 55 % reduced overspray with a smooth and uniform finishing thanks to HEA innovation.

  • Accessories:

This airless sprayer includes system grips and constructed space for the sprayer, hose, and nozzles, in addition to a strong energy canister base.

It also contains a spill-proof cover that keeps dirt and pollutants out of the color, resulting in fewer spills. Cleaning up is also a breeze.

Everything users must do is wash the sprayer and clean the gravity-fed pipe with fresh water.

  • Easy To Use:

Since many customers, the Wagner Control Pro 130 distinguishes out because of its ease to assemble.

Because all of the pieces are enclosed in the container, you can take this spray gun out from the box and start using it right away.

An adhesive cap is balanced in a paint bucket in several airless applicators. With this hopper-based system, though, the color is poured into the container.

The gravity-fed container eliminates the need for untidy primer, which frequently necessitates extra empty cans.

  • Warranty Of This Product:

A 2-year guarantee covers the purchaser of all Wagner Control Pro High-efficiency airless sprayers.

From the payment date, this includes faults in supply and installation. The manufacturer’s warranty must cover all fixes.


Now, let’s answer some of the frequently asked questions:

What spray gun do professional painters use?

Professionals have employed Graco spray guns. It’s small and portable, and it applies latex paints and stains easily.

It’s frequently suggested to color home exteriors, give rapid and even color application on internal walls, and color fencing.

Which airless paint sprayer is the best?

Magnum X5 Airless Paint Sprayer from Graco is the best of all because this non-rotating sprayer is simple to operate, compact, mobile, and incredibly good, making it ideal for a variety of at-home applications.

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