The 5 Best Belt Sanders Under $100 (2024)

In this case, if you have a limited budget and want the best quality belt sander available for 100 dollars.

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Here you can find the Best Belt Sanders Under $100 that have been doing well in the market. 

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These tools are made by the newly brand that’s why you get on that price tag otherwise the function matches with famous brands.

WEN 6321 7 Amp Heavy Duty Sander with Dust Bag

The heavy duty, powerful belt sander features a well associated 7 Amp motor that can rotate more at the belt up to 13 feet per second and removes the best amount of material.

Weighing only six ounces with a very compact design, this product is lightweight and reduces user fatigue during periods of inactivity or extended use.

There is a dust bag included in the model which can be detached for ease of use & which can be used at the end of a work day for minimal cleanup.

Safety is necessary for us like you also get lock in the safety feature to the thanks.

It is the possible work on the sanding project and continuously without needing the trigger to

the grip throughout this will help you while sanding the larger surface of workpiece such as decking or wood floor..

Splintering, deburring, and painting are all made easier with this sander.

The front roller can easily extend past housing top edge and the belt is also able to sand tight corners such as floor corner while the integrated quick belt

release lever to facilitate speedy sandpaper changes the adjustment is able to align and belt correctly whenever you needed.

To provide complete peace of mind, the product is protected by a two-year manufacturer warranty.

Genesis GBS321A Variable Speed Belt Sander

Featuring a low profile design this genesis GBS321A belt sander can easily access the tight corners and awkward to reach and spots that are hard to reach and reach with traditional belt sanders.

This model has the feature of single lever quick change and belt changing system which facilitates the espeed changing allowing for less and downtime.

Using the variable speed function, you can easily match the speed to the application and complement the versatility of the product.

While the adjustable front of the handle makes this tool more and  comfortable to use and while offering the user improved control.

With flat sides, flush sanding is possible, and the finished surface looks more professional.

This product combines with versatility and the power of with user friendly features for the efficient and rapid stock removal

which makes this ideal choice for the wide range of works including furniture making and floor installing, deck building and the carpentry.

The auto tracking belt system allows the belt to be tracked without requiring adjustments for quite some time.

Among other things, it involves collecting dust bags and reducing mess at work. 

Black & Decker DS321 Dragster

Black and decker is the popular brand, featuring this innovative front roller to the system and ensures 

this tool can perfectly reach into the small points and the narrow spaces which can sand even areas with cutting down on the need of the sanding.

This heavy duty sander is associated with a 6 amp powerful motor you can choose for home improvement

and as well for those who are looking to add a low cost belt sander to their workshop tool collection.  

Like the others, this product is lightweight at only 6.5 pounds. This tool is easy to operate,

you may not be required such information to use it, even a woman can easily use this 100 bucks belt sander.

Black and decker come with  compact dimensions, it is easy to transport and store between applications.

The dragster DS321 has the feature; the three position handle to give a user better control

that can be quickly and easily retracted for convenient storage as well as an integrated dust collector

which improves visibility of sightlines during the jobs and minimizes the clean up when work is complete.

The quick belt in the release lever for rapid sandpaper changes while adjustment is easy to access and quick.

To ensure peace of mind, the tool is effectively protected by the manufacturer’s 2 year warranty.

SKIL 7510 6 Amp 18 Inch Belt Sander

Skil sander Boasting in the 6 amps of the powerful motor, this belt sander is capable of any sort of

wooden and the surface and the feature from hook and the loop pads for the rapid to the convenient changes.

As a result of the collaboration between black and decker, the manufacturer of the patented

auto track and the belt of the alignment system, the user can rest assured the belt will never slip.

The belt will be stay centered for the optimal function and this tool is an integrated microfilter dust canister and attachment for the wet and dry vacuum.

ensures that the work space to the remains and the clean and dust free for the speedy clean up  when work is complete.

This will be the designed tool in the ability to carry out flush edges and the sanding right up to the edge of a room for faster results and for maximum efficiency.

belt sander and compact design the user can  benefit in the form of reduced fatigue even during the extended operations and while enjoying better flexibility and complete control.

With the single lever belt changing system, there are long periods of time as the belt off changes are speeding up.

In addition to its robust transmission, the ball of roller construction greatly extends its lifespan while also increasing its durability.

This tool is Ideal for the range of common sanding and the tasks of including cleaning decking beams, leveling table legs,and the  removing stains and removing rotten wood on the surfaces,  as well this sander is an affordable addition to any workshop.

Rockwell SS4300K Belt Sander

Rockwell’s SS4300K belt sander is an affordable addition to any workshop, and it boasts many excellent features that make it a sensible and good-value purchase.

Rockwell sander comes with a powerful 7.2 Amp motor that ensures rapid and impressive results

while the quick release belt system ensures simple and rapid belt of changes for longer periods of uptime.

Among the features of this model is the variable speed control, which allows the user to have more control.

This sander is suitable for a range of applications and can be used with different types of materials.

Features like the dual handle design, plus the soft grip, make it more comfortable for all users.

The lock on the switch allows you to use the switch continuously without holding down the trigger so that you can control the switch better with every project you are working on.

As part of this kit, you will receive a dust bag, an 80 grit belt, and an easy-to-transport carrying case so that you can move between jobs with ease.

It only weighs eight pounds, making it a relatively lightweight tool, which makes it easier to control and use for longer projects without overexerting oneself.

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