Welding Machine Considerations

Before understanding which welding way you use, whale selecting the right welding machine requires taking into account a number of important considerations.

Welding Machine Considerations
  • Quality of the weld: if you require better quality of weld that looks better, you need to select a TIG welding machine. And if you are facing welding like a blacksmith or strong weld between dirty metal or rusty field with corrion, for that you may consider a stick or flux cored welder.
  • Welding power input/output cycle:a hobby welder or DIYer may only need a 20% duty cycle as well, a professional might use a complicated TIG welder that has almost up to 100%duty cycle. The duty cycle is the amount of time that you weld without having to worry about burning or overheating the power duty of the machine. Most of the settings that use, duty cycle of 40 to 60% are enough.
  • Welding condition: outdoor conditions rough of the body; like wind require a stick or flux cored welding machine and that is enough to use for that. Most of these occur at shipyards or construction sites.
  • Portable welder: transportation of a welder increases the productivity of work and makes the jobs easier for you. If the power input will be moved for that you will require a portable welding machine.

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