How To Clean Chainsaw Blades (chainsaw Tip)

It doesn’t matter whether you use a chainsaw regularly or seasonally, your blade will eventually get sticky from frequent or infrequent oiling.

And over time this will get clogged with debris and sawdust and make it extremely messy with secretion from woods.

Cleaning the chainsaw blades will not only increase the life as well as also make you tension free service for a long time to come due to blade stays strong and make the engine power continue the same as new.


What are points which help you to know that your chainsaw needs thorough cleaning:

  • When you feel your chainsaw not cutting properly that is the major point and as well producing sawdust instead.
  • When you switch on the saw there is a lot of chattering and bouncing.
  • The chain is not pulling itself in as it should as well have to put pressure on the chain while cutting the objects.’

In these point if you have someone or any of these that mean the chain requires instant care

otherwise the problem will face you in the form of break chain, engine problem or bouncing back.

Let clean the chainsaw blades;

Before you do anything else turn off the saw and if you are doing work stop that and turn it off,

if you are using a gas powered saw simply plug off the electric chainsaw unplugged from the electric circuit or use the battery option to remove the battery from chainsaw.

Follow the step to improve the cleaning way:

  • To get the precious and best results make sure you have a clean environment mean you clean that the place will clean such as workshop, home or any empty space.
  • Place a piece of clean canvas or thick cloth on the floor (markets you also be get like that cloth or also be use old cloth from you home), put the disassembled chainsaw and other parts on it to avoid 
  • Wear protective equipment such as eyewear and gloves.
  • Remove the chain from chainsaw before you start cleaning and as well by loosen the knobs remove the guide bar.
  • Then soaked the chain for a little but to remove the grease off, for cleaning you will need ammonia that easily available on house, a bucket of water mix both thing and put chain in this mixture around 20 min
  • After that use the hard brush for better cleaning remove all the grease and dirt from the chain until you are sure it looks clean.
  • If this thing does not work well then you did this cleaning step again if you feel that requires more cleaning.
  • If this process complete done then rinse the chain of chainsaw thoroughly because you don’t lingering residue of this mixture on the chain
  • Then dry it before lubricating, the chain should be totally dry. It makes it smooth and prevents rust on the chain.
  • Most of the experts apply a coat of penetrating oils such as WD-40 prior to lubricating the chain. This is an extra step and in this step won’t be a replacement for lubricating.

The chainsaw blade is completely clean and it is ready for lubrication. This is the cheap and fast way you can consider it a tip for clean chainsaw blades of chainsaw.

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