The Best Air Compressor for Painting Furniture -2024

An air compressor is another advancement that uses air pressure to force paint from a tube to your object.

Are you in search of good quality paint to spray your furniture and other stuff? Reviving your ruined furniture is a wise step, especially when you have a Christmas around the corner.

Spray painting has now been an easier way to make your furniture look new again, no matter how old they get.

And for a good quality painting, you need a good air compressor to perform a good job.


But is it difficult for you to choose any product nowadays when you have a wide range of choices circulating on amazon?

To ease your search stress and reduce the research period, we’ve mentioned three of the best products in the list of best air compressors for painting furniture.

BOSTITCH Pancake Air Compressor

Performance of Pump

Bostitch has officially tested the BTFP02012 model for 450 consecutive pump sessions, according to the label.

The air compressor should last 3 to 5 years if used at this rate. Other accessories and parts fitted on an air compressor worry me far more than the pump’s average performance.

When there are difficulties with the pump, such as faulty pressure gauges, oil leaks, and other issues, the only option is to sell the air compressor for a one-time fee.

It’s noteworthy to note that these issues only occur after the product guarantee period of one year has expired with traditional air compressors.


Do you have to move your compressor around when working on pneumatic projects? Because of its small size and lightweight, the BTFP02012 compressor is well-suited for this use.

It’s built with a 14-inch diameter pancake paint in the middle of the 6-gallon tank for extra stability when in operation.

The pancake and cortical tank’s shape make it compact, requiring only a tiny amount of storage space.

The top of the model features a broad ergonomic handle that makes moving it from one location to another a breeze.

This Bostitch compressor stands on three rubber-capped feet to keep it from moving around while it’s running.

The thin compressor design prevents meters and contacts from being bumped or damaged when transporting the air compressor.

Duty Cycle

The model’s operational cycle ranges from 50% to 75%. As a result, running the compressor nonstop for an hour is out of the question.

As a result, you may only run the machine for 30 to 45 minutes in an hour before it needs to be turned off to cool down.

However, this should not be an issue because you have 6 liters of compressed air in the tank that you may use while the pump cools. Once more, resetting the gadget is quick and painless.

CRAFTSMAN Air Compressor


This Craftsman air compressor model has an incredibly designed body that will help you ease stress or muscle fatigue.

The 6-liter pancake design of the Craftsman cmec6150 compressor is one of its most significant advantages.

This design makes it easier to move around the house and garage because it’s lightweight and portable.

The air tank holds 6 liters, which means your job is hassle-free. This product will always meet your expectations.

Durable Enough

As far as sustainability is concerned, we’ve discovered that it lasts much longer than we expected.

We found no issues with durability during our investigation. There isn’t any oil in the pump, which also extends the life of the pump.

The cmec6150 costs almost nothing to maintain, so that’s one less thing to worry about. As a result, your wallet now has some more assistance.

It comes with a portable accessories kit.

Do you want your air compressor kit to be able to carry it anywhere you want without the stress of Cmec6150 comes with a 13-piece accessory package?

These kits will astonish you with their flawless construction and ease of use. For this boy, we’ve included a blowgun with an OSHA-compliant safety nozzle, as well as three inflation adapters, rubber tips, tire pressure gauges, and blowguns with plugs.

These add-ons are always available to assist you.

Easy Maintenance

There isn’t much you need to do with your Craftsman air compressor aside from emptying the accumulated moisture and storing it.

Because it’s a Craftsman oil-free air compressor, you won’t have to worry about adding oil or checking the level.

Instead, give this little man some simple maintenance, and he’ll last a very long time. Now you can save much of the time that you previously spent on just cleaning your devices.

DEWALT Air Compressor (D55140)


When used at 90 PSI, the DeWalt D55140 delivers somewhat better-than-average performance, with an SCFM rating of 0.75.

If you intend to build a new backyard hall, this won’t be adequate ventilation, but that’s not its intended use.

The compressor has a maximum output of 135 PSI and a tiny tank, so the recovery period is quick.

 It only consumes 2.6 amps of power, making it simple to start even in sub-freezing conditions.

According to numerous users’ accounts, the breaker in the device frequently trips unexpectedly.

It’s inexpensive and straightforward to replace, but it’s not something you’d expect from a DeWalt.


The DeWalt D55140 air compressor is lightweight and can reach where other compressors can’t.

It’s only 9 inches long so that you can keep it just about anywhere. The 1-gallon tank size is the acceptable intended use.

A built-in cord winder keeps things neat while not in use. A roller cage on a small compressor is unusual, but it’s present here for fall safety. The control panel, on the other hand, is well-designed.

Level of Noise

This air compressor is one of the most whisper-quiet models available. Small air compressors can be among the tallest items you’ll see in a store.

DeWalt D55140 generates 69 decibels, which is low compared to many others at 90 dB.

This compressor is safe to use both indoors and outdoors without fear of harming your ears. Wearing hearing protection when using loud devices is not harmful, though.


What Size Compressor Do I Need to Spray Furniture? 

While you can wreck a 6-gallon air compressor in the process of driving a nail, you can destroy not a single spray gun.

To use a paint spray gun, you’ll need a compressor with a big tank — preferably 50 liters or more.

There are different sizes for every task you are performing; you have to analyze accordingly.

What air compressor do I need to paint care for?

Use an air compressor with a capacity larger than 50 liters to paint your car without filling up the tank.

The CFM per unit should be in the range of 14 to 18. It’ll take a 10-horsepower compressor to handle the 10 to 25 psi of air pressure.

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