The Best 3000 Watt Led Grow Light (Best Wattage Led Grow Lights)

We are confused about the selection of best-LED light by the presence of many 3,000 watt LED lights on the market.

We research and find out the best high quality well built LED grow light which you can easily use for a variety of works and as well make the selection much easier for you.

If you’ve ever grown anything in your house, you’re familiar with the value of LED grow lights.

3000 watt LED light

Every indoor garden, whether it’s for veggies, herbs, or flowers, needs it.

This light has been transforming for years and is now available in LED forms that are more efficient and less expensive. 

When it comes to led grow lights, you have many options, and they come in many different wattages depending on your

needs and the size of your garden. For example, 3000 watts led grow lights are available in numerous sizes. 

The question is, how can you get the best LED to grow lights after searching the markets and coming up with nothing?

Our top 5 options for 3000w led grow lights are shown below so that you can choose the most affordable and effective option for your needs.

Best 3000 Watt LED Grow Light


The results of the BLOOMSPECT 1000W LED Grow Light speak for themselves. Because it supplies your plants with the necessary light at each stage of their growth, the double-chip series is particularly effective on all stages of plant growth.


Energy saver

Brighter and more efficient LEDs are used in the B3000 (brighter and more efficient) while requiring less power (just 540W±3 percent).

Traditional 1000W HPS/MH lamps can be replaced, but the savings are greater. For a 5x5ft grow space and a 4x4ft bloom area, this is the perfect match. 

Bloom/veg toggle 

The two-way switch is flexible enough to accommodate different phases of development.

The VEG switch is generally utilized for the germination of seeds and the early development of plants. Use VEG and bloom combined at the flowering period for the best results.

Spectrum full

It’s perfect for growing plants from seeds to harvest since it has an optimum full-cycle spectrum (red, blue, white, and infrared) for quick growth and perfect plant development.

Awesome cooling system

Large metal heat sinks and loud high-speed cooling fans contribute to excellent heat dissipation, and it runs at 60°F lower than competing lights as a result.

Zero-hassle warranty

They provide a two-year warranty and a 30-day cash warranty on all of their products and provide 2 years warranty plus 30 days money-back guarantee.

Phlizon CREE COB 3000W LED Plant Grow Light.

The CREE COB excels at being powerful while also providing a high level of reliability. It includes an incorporated designer bed with a full spectrum lamp so that the plants have even lighting.


LEDs with Cob Technology

CREE Cob LEDs are recognized for their high power and reliability, which have a greater brightness, lower heat resistance, lowlight absorption, and a longer life span.

COB is a wide-range design with a high PPFD value, allowing quicker and more efficient plant development.

PPFD is highly efficient 

PPFD is an acronym for Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density, and it is 2522.8 mol/m2s when hanging at 18″.

The plant is better if the density and the value are high, while the greatest PPFD output is found in COB LEDs. In comparison to conventional LEDs, COB LEDs are both brighter and more energy-efficient.

Spectrum fully

A full spectrum light is built into the COB LED, and they’ve inserted more light beads in different color bands. 6pcs COB, 12pcs 470nm, 110pcs 630-660nm, 6pcs IR, and 4pcs UV are all included in this kit.

Save the energy 

A full 600 watts of power is available, and the core coverage area is 48″*48″(4*4 ft), plus, the best hang height is 24.

The highest coverage area is 4.2×4.2 and when compared to HPS HID and MH, it is more scientific and energy-efficient. 

Best customer service 

LED light manufacturers have a robust R&D staff and many lighting testers, and an additional 30 days of a money-back guarantee is included in the warranty period.

You can contact them if you feel any problem, they will give you a positive response. 

FAMURS SAMSUNG COB X3 Triple Chips LED Grow Light:

It is a very convenient and effective light with which to grow indoor plants. 

It contains three specialized chips arranged in three dimensions, allowing for a uniform reach. 

Plants feel like they’re getting natural sunlight when using it because it ensures a balanced Lumen output and makes the light feel like they’re always on. 

There are two buttons on the machine, namely VEG and Bloom. The VEG switch that promotes seeding and young vegetative growth and bloom are used for flowering and fruiting. 

To achieve optimal results and outcomes, both can be activated at the same time. A double-focused lens on this light helps increase PAR values 30 percent more than other lights because it has an optimum lens that comes with a double-focusing effect. 

Among the best cheap 3000w led grow lights on the market, this one offers the best value.


Wideband spectrum complete LEDs are used in Mars HYDRO TS LED lighting, and they help spread light like natural sunlight.

A rapid heat dispersal system and no noise are the highlights of this fanless lighting system.


LED commercial grow light

the ability to daisy links up to 15 lights for easy dimming and control, as well as 2 waterproof Mean Well Drivers and an auto-detecting power supply that works on both 120VAC and 240VAC and 277VAC, which makes it ideal for large rooms or commercial settings.

LED grow full spectrum

Infinite exposure to natural sunlight is ideal for all phases of indoor plant development.

it’s considerably faster than standard HPS grow systems for plants to respond from seed to flower and to attain optimal quality and quantity

Reflective and Noise-Free Design

Using aluminum as a fast heat dispersing material will simplify and quiet your growing process.

Reducing light from windows, aisles, and walls while increasing light intensity by 20% will allow your plants to get more energy without burning.

High energy saving 

It compares favorably to other brands of LED grow light while using only half the amount of electricity with 1016 LEDs, making it more scientifically and environmentally friendly.

It’s ideal for growing plants up to 5 x5 in the veg stage or 4 x 4 when they’re in the bloom stage in a MARS HYDRO grow tent.

Large grow light yielding boom.

The modern SMD LED technology has the highest PAR/LUMEN output (1274umol/), resulting in a 30 percent increase in yield over older LED lights. The maximum yield is 2.0g/watt, which means you pay less but get more in return. 

Mars Hydrotherapy Dictionary Sensitive Spectrum Full Led Witch Facilitates Dispersing Of Dictionary Jump Lake Natural Chemistry. This is a zero-noise, fanless light system with a brisk heat dissipation system. 

Lights that use low power consumption and work quickly save a lot of energy. In comparison to other company lights, it is a boom light that provides 30% more light for your production. 

There are no words to describe how fantastic and worth the purchase this product is. Additionally, it is one of the greatest 3000 watt grow lights available on the market.

KingLed Full Spectrum Grow Light

A broad spectrum of light is available in KingLED, depending on the size of the lamp. Its operation is so efficient that an indoor garden is cared for and operated by natural light entirely.


LED grow light is high quality 

Excellent PAR output, high energy efficiency with 2.8 umol/J, and improved light penetration are provided by the new LM301B LEDs

and 10 times Optical Condenser used in the KingLED grow light system. For 6×6 plant coverage and 5.5×5.5 flower coverage, this is a perfect choice!


It delivers full-spectrum illumination of natural light for plants, veg and bloom options are intended to give optimum lighting for plants at various development phases from seedling to flowering to improve your crop substantially

LED grow light with low cost 

3000W LED light uses high-tech SMD LEDs and reflector technology instead of the typical 1200W HPS/MH bulbs and uses just 375W of power. It produces more light and uses less power and saving you money.

LED grow light is durable

The light bulb can operate at a lower temperature of 50°F to 60°F than conventional lamps, thanks to several high-speed silent fans and improved aluminum radiators.

Your plant won’t be burnt as much at lower temps, so you can keep your lighting on longer and see more growth as a result.

Service by professional

A three-year professional warranty and a 90-day money-back guarantee are also included.

KingLED Laboratory has been in business for over seven years and has a competent after-sales support staff that designs, sells, and produces clients’ best items and services.

Depending on its size, the light provides full spectrum lighting. Because of its excellent functionality, an indoor garden is taken care of and functions according to the principles of almost natural light.

In comparison to traditional HPS systems, this power-packed lamp is a lot more energy-efficient and saves electricity.

Among the top features of this led grow light is its bloom switch, which works properly throughout the entire process of harvesting.

Additionally, it comes with a regular VEG Switch to speed up the growth of your veggies. Due to the aluminum radiators and the multiple high-speed muted fans, the light bulbs function at around 50 to 60 degrees.

This protects your plant from burning and allows them to run their light cycle for a longer period of time. According to its price, it is one of the best led grow lights on the market.

AGLEX COB 3000 watt LED Grow Light

This cob grow light provides complete coverage with its spectrum and is verified to produce good plant growth. 

It boosts the plant’s nutritional growth by providing high-level solar photon flux. Despite the fact that it only has red and blue LED’s, this light has additional beads in its various bands, making it much more effective than those with only red and blue LEDs.

This light produces heat worth 3000W, but it only uses 655 Watts to function, so it is extremely energy-efficient and power-saving. 

Large fans are installed in this, which keeps it cool within minutes and doesn’t create any noise.

Phlizon CREE COB LED Light

The cree cob  specializes in being powerful and granting a great amount of stability as well. It is equipped with a full spectrum lamp integrated design bed that allows for even lighting above the plants. 

This light consists of six pieces of cob, 110 630-690 nm lights, 12 470 nm lights, 12 6500k lights, four ultraviolet lights, and six infrared lights, making sure plants are provided with all the nutrition they need. 

The size of the frame will cover an area of 50×50 when hanging at 24 inches, which is very impressive. Cobs have high levels of ppfd to provide faster growth and a plant that is more robust.

BESTVA DC Series LED Grow Light 3000w

The technology in this BESTVA lamp is state-of-the-art which differs from conventional 3W and 5W LED lights in that it has a Dual Chip 10W LED. It provides full-spectrum lights in nine separate bands.


Aluminum Reflector Upgrade

Compared to the old type, the Aluminum Reflector has a 2X greater PPF and increases spotlight intensity while reducing light waste by 50% percent.

It does not only shorten the planting to fruiting cycle greatly but also increases more yields.

Dual LM301B Diodes

Use a LED with low energy consumption and better light penetration may be achieved by using SMD LEDs and an aluminum reflector.

This means your plants will receive more efficient light while also reducing the amount of wasted light. 

Two methods of Cultivation

A total of nine bands of LEDs compose a real full-spectrum light source, which aids in the growth of plants, vegetables, and flowers inside at all stages.

When the plant is growing, use the VEG mode with lighting set to 18-24 hours a day; when it is flowering, use the BLOOM mode with illumination set to 12 hours a day.

A Long-Lasting Cooling System

The light bulb can operate at a lower temperature of 50°F to 60°F than conventional lamps thanks to several high-speed silent fans and improved aluminum radiators, which keep lights on longer to help plants grow. 

A new technology is used in this light. This light has a dual chip 10W led, which makes it different from other 3W and 5W lights.

It has nine different lighting bands that provide light in every spectrum. Furthermore, the light features both a veg and bloom switch, both of which can be operated separately or simultaneously. 

A 3 mm thick aluminum radiator prevents the heat from escaping until the radiator is dispersed. There are holes on the bottom of the light which keeps its temperature between 50 and 60 degrees,

There are only a few lights instead of a few others. As long as it is hung at 24″, it covers a surface area of 8′ x 7.8′.

Dimgogo LED Grow Light

It includes a red spectrum consisting of 240 pieces, a blue spectrum consisting of 40 pieces, a white spectrum consisting of 16 pieces, and an IR spectrum consisting of 4 pieces.

 The system can be used to cultivate plants at all phases of their life cycle, including pot culture in indoor plantations and greenhouse cultivation.

It is equipped with 6 cooling fans that help keep it cool, so plants don’t get burned and the unit runs quietly. 

In comparison to other lights that consume 3000 Watts, this one consumes only 445 Watts. It’s perfect for beginners in gardening.


How much power does a 3000 watt LED grow light use?

Depending on the light, the required power input for a 3000-Watt LED grow light varies greatly. To make up for that, the lights in this article use between 450W and 650W on average, depending on their brightness.

Will 3000K LED grow plants?

LEDs with a “warm white” color temperature are actually preferred by many growers when growing indoors.

This is because the ratio of wavelengths is optimal for plants at warm white color temperature. There is a suitable balance of blue and yellow light for photosynthesis in the 3000K/4000K (warm) LED spectrum.

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