The Best Circular Saw For Cutting Metal [Hard, and Soft Metal]- 2024

Faster and perfect performance for cutting metal can happen for picking the right circular saw. Pick the right one may be difficult for you.

Here we provide the best option of the circular saw which will be able to be used for cutting and also recommended by many users.

Pick anyone according to your budget and choice which you like best for your projects range.

If you pick the right tool for your task this can provide you long-term performance and you can use it from their earned projects.

We also review each one that helps you understand which features this tool comes and how much is better for you.

Best Circular Saw For Cutting Metal

Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW230 9-Inch Steel Cutting Circular Saw

This is the corded electric power circular saw made by the brand evolution, it delivers a speed of almost 3,700 RPM.

It provides full value of the money due to its dry cut, this product gives the cleanest most professional, and fastest cut through metal with virtually no heat and no sparks.

It comes with that technology that achieves cool to the touch, instant workable cut, and unlike abrasives.

It includes a carbide-tipped blade this blade tipped 40 tooth which provides the out-performance on work.

It is powered by a 15 amp motor. It cuts the metal like a hot knife cuts the butter without requiring more hand power to cut metal.

This also has bevel cut from 0 to 45 degrees that helps to cuts accurate bevels up to 45 degree angle.

The use of this is easy; you won’t require any separate beveling tool or method to make your bevel only just change the angle and you will easily take the cuts you need on metal.

This evolution circular saw is a heavy duty metal cutting saw which is extremely robust and durable.

This product is fitted with a quick stop blade brake the function of this to prevent instant stop which you can use for any cause of the incident.

To use it for a longer time they also used an ergonomic t grip handle to deliver the full comforting to the users and took the advantages for a long time and easily.

The brand makes full trust on buyers also provided backed by a 3 year of warranty and friendly USA based service.

TACKLIFE Circular Saw with Metal Handle

Easy to use tool makes your work easier, this is the corded electric TACKLIFE circular saw which comes with the best design and shape to use and picks it very easily.

This product contains 5.8 amps copper-made motor which delivers the full-size performance at the best speed rate of up to 3,500 RPM.

This can be used on making cut wood plasterboard, tile, and soft metal easily with the eases you can adjust 60T blade to cut the wood and metal both at the same blade use of this machine.

Tacklife contains a parallel guide blade attachment to ensure you that cut will go straight and get precise cuts easily and quickly.

Also see a laser guide also help to get professional and precise cutting without any other tool.

The safety and ergonomic design also provided by the brand to make the job more easy for users.

It contains a double protection switch the work of the button is to prevent the machine from accidentally opening and comprises a safe job.

To use this left and the right-handed person easily because of an optimized ergonomic slim grip that provides ease and less fatigue while working with a single hand.

For depth cut the blade comes down using the depth adjustment lever controls cutting maximum cutting depth is 1-11/16 inches(42. 9mm) at 90° and 1-3/8 inches (34. 9mm) at 45°.

Makita XSC02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Metal Cutting 

If you are a lover of makita and want the best option in this field for cut metal then Makita XSC02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Metal Cutting is a best choice for you.

This cordless battery-powered circular is one of the best tools which provide maximum speed 3900 which is greater than above the corded electric powered.

Makita circular saw contains brushless motors and delivers 3900 rpm for faster and better cutting.

The great thing about this tool is that it can cut a wide range of metal which includes unistrut, thread, channel, conduit, pipe, sheet metal, square tubing, steel, and many more. You can also use another field to cut such plastic and wood.

Makita provides a lithium-ion battery that has ultimate performance and long term usage, if you already have a tool of Makita then you can use its battery for this use and save your budget otherwise it can be more expensive than a corded circular saw.

Larger cutting capacity at 90 degrees 2-1/4 inch and allow for also a 2-inch conduit to be cut in only a single pass.

A big project takes more time and a person easily tires if the machine is heavy but this product weighs only 6.4 lbs with a battery that can be a 5.0 Ah battery for reducing the operator fatigue and making the work easier by adding the soft grip handle which delivers extra comfort on the job.

The battery of this tool can fully charge within 45 min or less and gives the ultimate performance for a long time if you use its bigger battery 5 Ah.

Many people, including beginners and professionals, recommend this tool one-time pay lead lifetime value and describe you won’t need any bandsaw use for better and faster-cutting metal. 


This is fully portable which you can use anywhere and transport where you want due to its lightweight ability.

This worm drive saw contains many features; power and torque which make it best for cutting metal.

Saw contains 15 amps dual field motor which generates 3900 RPM with no load, this delivers virutly spark free with weld ready cuts by using it users do not need for deburring.

The great thing about this tool is that it also works with non ferrous metal up to .25 in thick such as stud round tube, H-profile, round bar, T-profile,L-profile, square tube, flat bar, unistrut, rectangle tube, and rebar.

The metal chip tray holds 33% more chips than other circular saw that you see in markets.

The size of this circular saw is also perfect for beginners who want to use it as a hobby and can do small projects such as cutting tile, concrete, and metal items then fix it with a welding machine to make the strong joint that they want.

Metal cutting is not easy always require full attention while cutting metal sheet and skilsaw included one of the saw which comes with full productivity option that will help to cut the hard sheet easily.

DEWALT 20V MAX 5-1/2-Inch Circular Saw Kit

This is the battery powered lightweight circular saw which comes with a full kit which is made by the Dewalt.

The DEWALT DCS373P2 metal cutting circular saw features a powerful 460 MWO which delivers almost 3,700 RPM.

The power and speed to make the most demanding cuts with ease, 30T carbide tipped metal cutting blade quickly and cleanly easily cuts a variety of metallic construction materials.

It has a bright LED light with a 20-sec delay after releasing the trigger.

This can be used as an industrial to small shops. Even a beginner hobbyist person uses no cord requiring only full charge battery fit then you have a longer time.

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