The Best Chainsaw For Clearing Brush -2024

You bought an acre of land; now you are worried about how to clear big trees and brush?

Are you looking for the best chainsaw that can handle any type of clearing brush task? Not a big deal; we have mentioned below the two best chainsaws for clearing brush.

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A chainsaw is considerably more accurate than even an axe for big trees or giant groupings of trees.


It’s better to get a range of chains tailored for such sort of work you need to accomplish as for massive use, smooth sawing, or power.

Because a chainsaw can only be as effective as one of its chains, If users intend to do all of their chainsaw chores within one week, then better to have a spare chain as a standby.

Best Clearing Saw 2022:

Makita Chainsaw


  • Dimension

This chainsaw emerges with the rational size of 10.63 x 22.24 x 10.59 inches, and it weighs only 21.8 pounds, which is quite hefty, but all the features are worth trying.

  • Electric corded 

This unit comes with an unexceptionally electric corded motor that is best due to its incredible performance.

If you have to work on a lengthy project, you might have to consider taking extra batteries with you for continuous work.

Also, it’s better to take the bigger blade and significant battery power to operate in combination for the quick and smooth task.

  • Performance 

This unit has a 16-inch blade that is strong enough to cut down heavy timbers and branches effortlessly.

The chain moves at a rate of 2,900 fpm, and its blades are meant to cut at incredible speeds without being overheated.

  • Noise level 

This device has another incredible feature of the lowest noise level of 100dB that is relatively low enough comparatively; hence the user can easily use this unit without a headache.

  • Additional features

More features are an ergonomic rubber grip, a soft-start trigger switch, a designed power limit that aids defense from motor burning, an automated chain oiler, as well as an electronic chain brake.

It’s as simple as rotating the lever to readjust or replace the blade and chain. No tools are necessary.

  • Makita kit 

In the Makita tool kit, there’s a 16-inch blade, four 18V batteries, as well as twin chargers.

The device’s various speeds, scale from zero to three and 940 fpm, provide you greater control while sawing, as well as quick free toolchain pressure adjustment.

  • Price 

Talking about the price of the MAKITA chainsaw, it’s a tad bit pricey, but its incredible features are worth trying.

DEWALT Chainsaw


  • Dimension

This DEWALT chainsaw comes up with a reasonable size of 25 x 9 x 9 inches that is easily adjustable in your cars or truck bed for easy transportability.

Moreover, this unit weighs 8.8 pounds that is feather-light, and is best for easy maneuverability.

  • Brushless Motor 

This system has a brushless motor that means it’ll require less kick start with quick and smooth clearing comparatively and gives out excellent performance.

It also has the trigger kick starter that assists in avoiding any hard and cold pull start.

  • Performance 

The DEWALT chainsaw is 12 inches blade with a backup chain that is best and smooth enough for the clearing brush applications.

Also, without overheating, this unit covers up a wide range of areas with its sharp blades.

  • Noise level 

Another incredible feature of the DEWALT chainsaw is its lowest noise level that is best while working outside as while working, this unit will not be a headache for you and people around. 

  • Additional features

The other features that spice up the unit’s worth are its ergonomic handle for easy maneuverability

and best while doing any clearing brush job as well. With its automated chain oiler, this unit offers long-lasting lube.

  • Price 

When it comes to the price, the DEWALT chainsaw is highly recommendable because of its affordable price and quality that won’t break the user’s bank.

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