The 5 Best 40cc chainsaw -Best Professional Chainsaw 2024

Chainsaws, like anything else, maybe have at a reasonable price these days. Chainsaws with a displacement of 40cc are not unusual.

Although it may be enticing to save cost on your buy, bear in mind that anything inexpensive will almost always come with a slew of drawbacks.

The majority of budget chainsaws are composed of lower-cost materials. While the motors may work adequately, they will not be as long-lasting.

Or, for that matter, as fuel-efficient as others. Nobody is claiming that you can’t complete the task with anything less than a high-quality 40cc chainsaw.


However, if you want to take a long investment, don’t cut corners on quality.

Yeah, sure, the moderate engine and general bang for the buck are also compelling factors.

It may be a better option for inexperienced homeowners than more expensive ones.

The Best 30-40CC Chainsaw

Poulan Pro 967084601 


• Powerful

• Compact

• Quickstart


• High cost


The PR4016 chainsaw with an industrial-strength bar is ideal for moderate storm wipe down, timber cutting, and tree falling.

In addition to Effortless Pull, it has proprietary OxyPower technology for unbelievable power, optimal fuel use, and decreased hazardous emissions.

With a spring-assisted latching mechanism and an incredibly simple purge bulb, you can get started quickly and easily with little pulling effort. 

This compact chainsaw comes with a unique, clean air filtration system, which provides longer air filter life and lowers fuel usage without sacrificing power.

It also has an automated gear-driven oiler that helps to keep the rod and chain maintained, decreasing wear and maintenance requirements.

An ergonomic design with innovative anti-vibration technology provides improved comfort and reduces user weariness. 


It’s also wonderful that this version comes with high-quality engine oil to get you going straight away.

The further plus point is the reduced total weight. You could have some issues starting the engine upon the first try, but the rapid starter mechanism makes it much more manageable.


It receives good thoughts across the board, from quality craftsmanship to balance to long-term dependability.

While strong enough for most domestic tasks, the chainsaw will not last as far as many others on this list.

If you plan on constantly pushing it to its limitations, it’s not the ideal option. However, it excels at light to moderate chores like cutting firewood, falling trees and bushes, and chopping down tiny branches.

Remington 41AY4214983


• Automatic oiler

• Low kickback

• Adjustable accessories


• Less serving time

• Needs improvements 


Remington 41AY4214983 chainsaw is ideal for anyone with a modest to significant acreage and a few standing trees to cut down.

The 42cc full crank two-cycle motor produces more power while reducing vibration. The quality 14-inch bar and low-kickback chain rapidly and efficiently cut through even the most complicated wood.

Handling is simple, and the weight is small without compromising power.

This polymer frame in Remington 41AY4214983 is designed to provide dependable performance over time with slight user strain.

Designed for faster, quieter, and more straight-pull starts so you can get started on yard maintenance, lawn maintenance, and other jobs straight away. 


Having the eyesight of the oil level keeps the correct quantity of lubrication on the chain to guarantee the saw cuts efficiently and quickly.

This chainsaw is more balanced, agile, and pleasant to use, thanks to a three-point anti-vibration technology and an ergonomic grip.

Remington 41AY4214983 starts quickly, idles smoothly, and has plenty of power to fell heavy trees.

It’s a skinny bar that bends readily. It spills bar oil when you put it away, but this happens with most chain saws until you drain the brake fluid reservoir.

Also, make sure you don’t run out of gas. Things took an eternity to get it up and running again.

Poulan Pro PR4218


• Powerful

• High-performance

• Extra chain


• Less quality material

• Not for large projects


A gear-driven automatic oiler maintains the bar and chain oiled, decreasing wear and upkeep longer air filter life and lower fuel usage without compromising power thanks to a superior filtering system.

The PR4218 is one of the best 42cc chainsaws, perfect for storm clean-up, tree falling, and firewood chopping.

The OxyPower engine produces higher power while emitting fewer pollutants and using less fuel. 

Like several consumer-grade saws, the saw includes a metal clamshell crankcase that won’t melt if the muffler comes free.

There is no bolt on the cylinder. The clutch is inboard for easy chain replacement, although the sprocket is part of the clutch drum.


Super Clean Air Filter Technology, Autonomous Oiler, and low vibration controls are all included.

The combination of a spring-assisted pull cord and an easy-to-use purge bulb guarantees quick, effortless restarts with fewer chord pulls.

Flexible design with sophisticated Anti-Vibration technology offered superior comfort with easy-to-use controls and reduced handle tremors to minimize user fatigue.

Thanks to incorporated storage with a snap-lock lid, the chain tensioning tool is easily accessible without needing a tool. 

It features a metal crankcase and an adjustable carburetor with suitable deep guide holes for the spline tool.

best chainsaw for home

At this pricing point, several brand-name saws don’t offer these qualities. This saw produces no visible smoke and has minimal scent when using synthetic oil and leisure gas mixture.

That’s unique. This saw’s built-in clean air technology performs admirably. The chain retained its edge nicely and held its pressure after the first stretch after the first few cuts.

Husqvarna 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw


• Simple 

• Easy to use

• Air filter

• Ideal for landowners


• Less warranty

• Brake band problem


The Husqvarna 20″ 455 Rancher gas chainsaw’s ergonomic design makes it easy for the householder to handle the saw’s power.

Innovative starting technology makes it powerful while also making it simple to get started.

Whether you need to prune, limb, or chop firewood, this gas-powered chainsaw is ready to go. 

The air injection centrifugal air cleaning technology keeps more considerable dust and debris particles from accessing the air filter to extend the engine’s life.

The loving anti-vibration system minimizes resonance frequency, making chainsaw operating more comfortable.

9,000 rpm is the peak power speed. It’s simple to get started. It’s all about the enormous trees. Lightweight enough to handle while removing tiny branches.


Property owners and element users who seek a high-powered, heavily loaded, and quick coworker for all cutting circumstances will appreciate the 455 Rancher.

Although this is not a high-end saw, it functions admirably. It blends the most remarkable features of its forerunner with new technologies and ergonomics that make it easier to use.

Don’t worry about the efficiency of these saws; they’ll keep cutting all day.

They look and sound like a high-powered motorcycle, and they make light work of any duty you can throw at them.

Although a 40cc engine has a lot of reducing speed, it’s important to note that it’s not built to perform prolonged heavy-duty labor.

When cutting large logs, you’ll need to halt a lot more to prevent overheating the engine.

CRAFTSMAN 42cc-16 S165 


• Carrying case

• Automatic Chain Oiler

• Adjustable chain


• High cost

• Needs improvements


The 42cc comprehensive, high-output engine of our Gas-Powered Chainsaw provides consistent power.

The 16-inch low-kickback bar and chain effectively cut through all the most complicated wood.

Easy Start Technology allows for more accessible pull launches to get the work done quickly.

This chainsaw is stable, agile, and easy to use, thanks to the cushioned full-wrap grip and 3-point anti-vibration system.

To improve the chainsaw’s design, it has an adjustable automatic oiler, kinetic chain brake, and tool-free accessibility to the air filter & spark plug. Two-cycle oil and a heavily loaded carrying case are supplied.

A durable side-mounted pre-stressing device saves time and guarantees constant chain tension by allowing rapid chain adjustments while operating.

The ergonomic auto oiler system keeps the chain lubricated and enables the user to significantly reduce oil flow physically, which helps keep the chain sharp and ensures the saw cuts efficiently and quickly. 


Using a 40cc chainsaw instead of a more powerful motor will take longer to complete various cutting chores.

Cutting wood, for example, will happen without a hitch. However, falling more giant trees and chopping massive logs will take longer since you may not complete everything in one pass. 

The real problem is about to begin. It’s a disaster to start if you let it rest for a bit and cool off.

As you can see, the saw will clog down from time to time. If you don’t apply any force and let it ramp back up, the teeth will grasp onto the chain and chop for you without dampening it.


Here are some other explanations to the most often asked questions about chainsaws and their functions to help you better understand them.

How much horsepower does a 40cc chainsaw have?

Advertising engine with a displacement of 40 ccs has a power output of 2.4 hp. For effective cuts with little backlash, use an 18-inch Oregon bar and ring.

What is the most reliable chainsaw brand?

Husqvarna and Stihl are usually recognized as the world’s two top chainsaw producers. Almost any other market brand on the business is unlikely to outperform any of these brands.

What is the most potent 50cc chainsaw?

The Husqvarna 450 Chainsaw’s 50cc X-Torq engine delivers 3.2 horsepower and is built for fuel economy and minimal emissions. The highest power speed is 9,000 RPM. 

What is the most reliable professional chainsaw?

Husqvarna beats Stihl in a head-to-head comparison. Their anti-vibration technology and safety features make it easier and safer to operate.

You will find Husqvarna chainsaws as more efficient and effective in cutting even if Stihl chainsaw motors have higher power. Husqvarna is indeed a top selection in terms of value.


It’s possible that a 40cc chainsaw isn’t the most efficient cutting instrument in your workshop.

However, due to the wide range of bar sizes, it can handle more fantastic handling qualities.

It is by far the most flexible.

A 40cc chainsaw will make quick work of light- and intermediate chores while being more fuel-efficient and less expensive overall, thanks to its smaller engine, proper system, and reduced weight. 

40cc chainsaws are substantially more fuel-efficient than more extensive, heavy-duty, or expert chainsaws.

As a result, they are less expensive to operate. It is assuming, of course, that you utilize them for reasonable projects and don’t overwork the engine.

In general, one horsepower represents between 7 and 14 cubic inches, based on the motor’s efficiency, tune, and other factors.

40cc chainsaws are intended to tackle groundwork and aerial work since smaller engines and reduce total weight.

A decent 40cc chainsaw can carry lots of torque despite being smaller and less potent than 60cc chainsaws.

Quick and easy adjustments are possible with the chain length-tension. For user safety, an inertia-activated chain break is used. 

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