The Best Throw Flashlight Under $100 (Adjustable Beam Flashlight)

Imagine how much it feels bad if we not have light and facing issues in darkness. select a small flashlight and keep it on your belt or backpack.

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Here we Make some review about flashlight throw which you get on under your budget 100

Best Flashlight Brands

Pelican 7600 Tactical Flashlight (Best flashlight 2021)

Pelican 7600 is rechargeable and cordless under 100$ flashlight and you can easily take this tool online at amazon. This pelican 7600 was actually developed and designed by the pelican brand. 

You can imagine this flashlight building quality if any agency can use it such as LAPD and take the long term value because in the under police department this brand was developed.

These are the cheap Cree LED flashlights that you can buy on a minimum budget. This led to flashlights combining the latest technology.

that comes related to light; along with an array of features and functions and as well as making more compact design the pelican 7600 all-around all enforcement flashlight.

The performance of this tool is amazing; it performs a surprising 900 lumens and coupled with a USB charge lithium-ion battery, which made it the ultimate beginning of this multi-talented product.

If you want to get the ultimate performance from this light, The extreme high performance

provides LED lights output; White, green, and red lights are included. This can also flashlight shines on a wall when you change color.

This can also provide 4 modes (high-medium-low-strobe). Overall best rechargeable tactical flashlight 2021.

These additional colors are a great source of light that provides value such as night vision preservation and you can use them as traffic control.

Pelican 7600 is the best lumen flashlight, this tool provides 944 lumens which you can also adjust in different settings;944 high modes; 479  medium modes; 37  low mode beam distance: 

up to 225 meters that is a great distance which can help to see the far person easily with using this low mod.  Do you know what flashlights do police use?

Pelican 7600 provides amazing run even use of high mode 944 that is Run time: 3h15 M= high mode; and if you use this product on medium mode then it provides 4 hours and 3 min and last one.

The battery stays charged for weeks if you use the low setting and a couple of days on high. This amazing light can be also of great use as security or for self-defense.

 if you use this light in a low position then it provides 29 hours that is amazing which provides a 1 day plus charge backup of this LED light.

This thing may remove these hassles of light to charge every 30 min. So, pick this tool if you want a great battery-powered flashlight.

This was the legendary flashlight because it provides a lifetime guarantee. The trust of this brand determines.

How much of this product provides more than lifetime warranty to other products.

This product provides all the features under 100.

Pelican 7600 Features:

  • USB Lithium Ion Rechargeable.
  • Selectable Modes
  • Full-Time Battery Level Indication
  • 3 LED Colors
  • Type III hard-anodized finish
  • Ingress Protected IPX8 Submersible.


  • Full high mod run time 3 hours and15 min and lowest provide 1 day plus backup.
  • 3 LED colors (white, red, Green).
  • At low mod this can provide 325 meter distance.
  • lifetime guarantee.
  • Durable and tons of features !


  • Somewhat expensive but under 100.

Streamlight 88033 Tactical (Best flashlight under $50)

This is the small, adn battery powered led light this product made by the brand Streamlight that is a professional tactical flashlight.

This design is very amazing if you keep it on table it does not roll out and stay where you keep it on that place.

This can provide maximum lumen 350 which can see many far places and get the amazing results from this tool.

Streamlight 88033 also provides a pelican 7600 feature to low mod, Are you interested to know the longest lasting flashlight?

In the low mod you keep the safe charge and can be used up 35 hours this also an amazing battery backup power,  that is amazing run time that this tool is going to provide but provide low meter distance visibility on low mod up to 50 meters and this up to use of 30 lumen that is less than pelican 7600.

This flash flight is under 50. If you want great performance tactical with the highest lumen upto 2,200 lumen this brand also provides that product you can also check and use for longer work with high energy use.

Streamlight keeps their price down. Sometimes aftermarket accessories are the way to go. Some users highly recommended this light because they are using this Streamlight From previous years you can also take this benefit in low priced.

For best performance on indoor with a couple of days battery backup, this can be the best choice which you can use on home, garage, store, and as well as the low setting is great for indoors and training.

The streamlight is bright AF on high.This tool has  two rubber picatinny switch mounts and zip tie system are ok for light duty and range use, but for serious life and liberty use, don’t bet your life on them.


  • Anti roll head design.
  • Multi function push button tail switch
  • Low for longer run time with 30 lumens and 49meter beam runs 35 hours great lasting flashlight.
  • Professional Flashlight with High/Low/Strobe.
  • Small, compact and powerful.


  • May paint get off.

Fenix Flashlights FX-PD35TAC (Longest runtime flashlight)

Fenix flashlights provide high lumens in small size, this tool provides much power of light which makes it also the best flashlight.

This product comes with 6 output settings which can less than 1,000 because Fenix Flashlights provide upto 1000 lumens with perfect settings which you can easily change and improve the performance of light.

The body of this product is made with good material with durable aircraft-grade aluminum. For 6.5 feet performance of this tool with 30 min of battery power backup.

For outer class, this can also provide maximum performance for far places at night upto 656 feet that is the great distance light brightness that this product provides.

Easy to make perfect grip on hand and Fenix also have lightweight which can use a long time on hand the weight of this tool is under 100 gram without battery.

Fenix flashlight is one of the flashlights which utilize CREE LEDs with a lifespan up to 50k hours/ this product allows for incredible brightness for such compact devices reaching 3k to 550 lumens with different models.

The use of this is very easy and best for your defense, simple side switches, intelligent memory circuits memorizing

the latest output mode used, and reverse polarity protection. After the use of this product you also become the experts.

Fenix is Compact and lightweight and robust enough for the outdoors/indoor.

Crafted from aircraft grade aluminum it is visible to be able to take fully a lot of prevert. 

The Cree XP-L LED is powered by either a single 18650 Li-ion battery or 2ea batter on fenix. 

CR123 batteries and delivers up to 1000 Lumens that is great for every user such as can use old men. 

with a lifespan of 50,000 hrs. It has polarity regulation and thermal and is IPX 8 waterproof technology that makes it.


  • 1000 lumens
  • very powerful with high brightness.
  • Small size.
  • Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating


  • Quite expensive.
  • Very short battery power requires more batteries for long use.

ACEBEAM TK16-AL Flashlight (Best flashlight under 100 dollars)

This is the branded product which is made by the brand acebeam. This is the small LED light which provides brightness up to 1800 lumen

which is great volume that this product provides to the operates which can be used on every environment for greater visibility.

The light output is regulated and made efficient for long run time using its special circuit which is designed to provide temperature control on it.

By having this function on it, the flashlight gets too hot in your hand when you increase its lumens up to 1000+.

You can use it for a night walk with a greater amount of power and easily make a great grip with your hand.

Its body is made with strong material because this tool is constructed from aerospace grade aluminum which increases its durability. 

This tool provides greater hold toward any damage  it itself against water damage makes the hold powerful, the impact of this product greater on ground such as high as 3 feet above ground.

This can be the best serauty flashlight which comes in under 100 and people can easily keep it on the paint side.

If you want to use this product as a picture light this can also increase the visibility by 0.5 lumens as moonlight gives Moonlight 12 days battery runtime.

Keep it there safe because it also has a great handle which is made of metal and flipped which can easily fix on pants and you can go anywhere and use it when it requires high lumen light to keep out and use it quickly.

ACEBEAM using it you can’t find any trouble using this flashlight due to having its multi-functional tail switch, you can control all the functions with one hand easily.

This product also has a lock function which can control accidental turn on to ensure.


  • This product Durable against impact and water damage.
  • ACEBEAM High light output and beam distance.
  • 60-month warranty.
  • output of up to 1800-lumens
  • Its Pocket clip makes for a very easy carry anywhere.
  • ACEBEAM Very compact and light in weight.


  • This product No charger comes with the battery.

Olight Baton Pro Cool White (Tactical flashlight multitask)

This is most powerful on one hand which provides high performance. This product is made by Olight Baton.

Olight Baton is the newest model of the brand. This tool is a portable, rechargeable side-switch LED flashlight.

This is a battery powered flashlight which comes with 3500mAh, which is an excellent and great volume of the battery of olight.

This flashlight can deliver light output with five different mods. The maximum lumen that this product provides is 2000 lumen, the shine created by its wide beam up to 433 feet distance.

This distance can be perfect for a big area which you can use for many purposes.

 and that’s why it became the best flashlight for homeowners with the highest number of most powerful flashlight beams. If you use this product for a long time you can use its low lumens which provide you nine days backup.

Olight Baton Pro comes with a distinct feature such as a usb charging system, its battery size is great which can also provide you perfect backup and run time which you adjust with full with tight security.

The design of this product is beautiful, its clip color blue in the upside adjust a Which provide you, this make it safe to handle by keeping it pant side

where belt tight and that can also be kept on the backpack, belt or pocket for easy access.


  • Very high light output, delivers a maximum output of 2000 lumens.
  • Olight Powered by a single 3500mAh 18650 customized rechargeable battery.


  • Take time to charge the battery because it’s a 3500mAH battery.

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