The Best Stick Welder For Beginners (Portable Stick Welder 2024)

A beginner is worried about a welder which they can run easily, such a beginner who has some knowledge about stick welder, that’s mean stick welder is the best option for beginners.

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But they worried about finding which one is the best stick welder for their projects. We research and find the best stick welder that can perfectly suit beginners.

To understand all of them we also review all of them to get the full information about that product that will also help to pick the right product for your matters.

Best Stick Welder For Beginners

ESAB 0558101694 MiniArc 161LTS Stick Package

The ESAB 0558101694 MiniArc 161LTS Stick Package is a well-regarded stick welder which comes with advanced features including the capability to run as DC stick welding.

This is a multi-voltage welder that runs on 115V or 230V current range. includes 10 ft. work cable with clamp, and 10 ft.

welding cable with electrode holder, this is the great little welding machine which can also be called mini-arc welding.

This stick welder also Able to use cellulosic 6010 electrodes with ease and can be used it’s all standard mods such as Hot Start, Arc Force and Lift Arc TIG


This is the easily portable welding machine that is used on the stick setting, the ESAB 161LTS produces 5A to 160A current range for DC welding.

This kind of juice will weld up to the maximum amount of plate at its peak level. The lower limit that you used on this welding machine is 5 Amps

on either sourced will let you weld a 12 gauge sheet of metal with the use of a thin stick and its perfect setting.

The setting of the tool can be easily understood by a beginner on quick read of its guid book.

This can be easier to use and complete many projects even professional people also recommend this tool.

This welding machine comes with many other features which are easily used by almost new people easily to get better results and gain ultimate experience as a welder.

This is a small and lightweight welder. The ESAB is nearly new to the market to proven to be the best stick welder for beginners which can be used for multi-purposes.

This tool can be worked on many types of metal such as steel and as well as on other dense and hard material surfaces.


  • Highly recommended.
  • Small and easily portable.
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with standard on all models


  • Little bit noisy.
  • Somewhat expensive.

PRIMEWELD 225 Amp IGBT AC DC Tig/Stick Welder 

This is the corded PRIMEWELD 225 Amp, this tool works on both power on AC and DC.

It is the full advance machine and easily operates a tig/stick welding machine, this is well structured.

This also provides a multi voltage welder that runs on both 110/220 volts, The PRIMEWELD unit comes

with a CK17 flex head torch along with CK Dinse connector and the CK flex tubing that makes it the ultimate product for the starter person.

When you start using the stick option and use its setting that PRIMEWELD TIG225X produces 120 amps if you run on 110volts.

 When you pick the setting of this tool for higher work on 240 volts then you get 180 amps on tap. 

The kind of power weld up to the 3/8 inch plate at 180 amps and if you use the setting at 140 amps then it perfectly works on 1/4 inch of the metal sheet.

The lowest limit of this product is 10 amp, on this you can weld upto 24 gauge metal sheets easily with the help of perfect settings and thin use of sticks.

The PRIMEWELD TIG225X also comes with advanced features, including it has full ability to run on both AC and DC and can be used as a DC stick welder.

PRIMEWELD Comes with a 220 volts, 50 amp plug, the power cord is only 12 gauge. This is the maximum size of cord that can be used for far place may you require an extension if work far from circuit.

This tool is totally USA-made and also provides the US with base support that can be a great thing for users to fix the problems which they got while using this welder.

This product is not such a lightweight which you can say a lightweight it comes with a 90-pound weight may you require both hands to shift it anywhere.

The PRIMEWELD TIG225X also comes with a 3 year warranty, the warranty option also comes with the machine.

You will easily fix it by using its guide, its small book or watching a few videos about this product provides you full understanding about this tool.


  • It fully provides money value.
  • If you use the TIG option that is also great for DIY.
  • Stick and AC/DC TIG.
  • 200 hertz pulse frequency.
  • 3 year warranty.


  • Not lightweight 90 pound weight.
  • Its Foot pedal is a little touchy.
  • Expensive.

LINCOLN ELECTRIC CO K1170 AC225, 60Hz Arc Welder,

This is a big and fully easy to operate stick welder that can be used easily by almost new people in this field.

LINCOLN is versatile use, and designed for operation with metals 16-gauge and heavier metal.

It is a powerful welder which works with a smooth AC Arc and can be used with different types  of metals such as steel, stainless steel and cast iron.

This is the corded electric powered LINCOLN ELECTRIC CO K1170 AC225 Arc welder. The ampere range of 40A to 225A, that can be used according to your requirement.

This tool provides quality for almost 50 years, the design of this tool is compact and made it more simple with only a few plug wires attached to it which you can use for welding.

It doesn’t like other newest models which attach tons of buttons that provide help to fix value then deliver good power to get better results.

The size of this product is much bigger as compare to the new model of stick welder that we also reviewed above, this can be great for one place,

if you have a palace where you can adjust one time and use it or can also be made a place in a small shop where you keep for long time use.

Use of this tool is too much easy, you only set voltage and attach wire with a stick then you use it for ultimate time for ultimate performance.


  • Powerful welder
  • Best for industry use and also for a beginner.
  • Value for money


  • Big size.

Amico Power Dc160A 160 Amp Stick Arc Dc Welder

This is the small and affordable best for beginners Amico Power Dc160A Stick Arc Dc Welder.

This comes with an advanced control module IGBT dual 115V And 230V that improves the performance of the welding machine.

The inverter power makes for a very lightweight welder that only weighs 14 pound that is enough to carry you for indoor and outdoor tasks.

Amico Power Dc160A is fully optimized to deliver a making spatter, flawless weld and post weld cleanup to a non-existent.

It comes with packs of  little bits of power in a small and portable package. This tool works on many other materials to seal them and fix points of such a material. it perfectly works on steel as well as denser and hard metal surfaces.

It has the ability of welding material upto 1/4  thick with the help of 160 amps of its output power.

The setup of this tool is extremely easy and a beginner can easily under use it. This comes with everything that you need to set up the rig.

This welder displays full information in a digital format on the screen, this thing making it easel to understand the power being needed or used.

Amico welder inbuilt a capacitor bank. So, when you turn on the welder its utility power (needed power) to the high voltage, the voltage comes it stored in the bank for upcoming usage.

Those operators or beginners who ware had problems with Amico welder have no issues with exchange or refunds, you can understand how much the trust of this brand has on this product which will provide you this thing.

Amico is one of the best 110v stick welders for beginners or who want to get a low budget welder for their work. This tool also comes with a dual voltage 115V And 230V input option you can use both options for battery results from it.


  • Affordable
  • Value for money
  • Full lightweight that is also portable.
  • Arc control corrects voltage fluctuation


  • Don’t trust its strap.

Hobart 500570 Stickmate 160i

This is Hobart 500570 is also included as one of the best stick welders for beginners, it is a more reliable tool many people got experience with this product.

 Do such a knowledge required to build it you can easily set it that is provided by a beginner and you don’t need any training to use it for multi-purposes.

Thie welder  Comes with a 10 ft long electrode cable with a heavy-duty holder, 10 ft its work cable with clamp, and a 6.5 ft power cord with MVP adapters which you can use for 120V and 240V.

It also enables the connection to 120 or 240V hold on these without tools with the MVP adapters.

Hobart is one of the eldest and popular brands of America by providing its quilty machine, Hobart is specially made for good performance and rugged construction.

The Hobart 160i is portable, dependable, and a powerful stick welder. This product is an easy-to-use and reliable arc that starts quickly with hot start technology.

This tool compared to other products is more lightweight and is easy to carry from one place to another workplace.

Hobart 160i produces nice stick weld out all of them and has the greatest quilty, this is one of the tools.

For smooth, ultimate, and quick results the users praise the Hobart Stickmate 160i. This tool used inverter power which kept it under 15 pounds.

This thing made it enough to move around the workplace with its included adjustable shoulder strap on the workshop, garage, home, or where 

you need to do work such as any vehicle maintenance that stops anywhere on the place and breaks metal pieces.

This tool is an ideal tool that is not only for beginners that is also an Ideal stick welder for DIY, farm/ranch, metal art, maintenance/repair, and many more purposes.

Hobart 500570 Stickmate 160i is a quality product that comes with a 5-year warranty. This tool is also lower priced compared to other products.

Hobart is the best inverter welder for the money and as well easy to use, it is still quite heavy-duty. that make the excellent choice for novice people.


  • Weight only 15 pounds
  • Five-year warranty
  • A strong adjustable shoulder strap
  • Hot start technology which enable quick start 
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Medium price range

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