The Best Paint Gun for Air Compressor (Pneumatic Paint Sprayer)

Spray guns are essential equipment for evenly distributing paint, varnish, and other materials on various surfaces.

These gadgets can be used to paint automobiles, furnishings, and machines.

Besides painting, they can be utilized for a variety of applications.

You may use any correct kind of sprayer, from house modifications to renovation work; you can also personalize your car or fix up some old home furnishings.

Moreover, using any spray paint gun with an air compressor may significantly speed up the painting process.

A good paint gun can simplify painting smoother and ensure a flawless and even finishing when applied to surfaces.


A compressed air paint sprayer involves using an air compressor; it is a less expensive alternative than other solutions.

Also, irrespective of the size of painting work, it can significantly reduce the time needed to accomplish it.

However, with so many options available, choosing a decent paint gun for air compressors is difficult.

Even though you might find a great air compressor, this might not suit the spray gun, causing the painting to be ineffective.

Spray Painting For Compressor

NEIKO Paint Gun


  • PSI & CFM 

The optimum pressure for the spray gun is 40 PSI, and it supplies 4.5CFM at 10PSI working pressure and the air compressor ranging in this PSI & CFM will be best and efficient for allowing you to use a spray gun.

  • Performance

The Neiko Spray Gun is made of high-quality materials and has the appropriate combination of maximum pressure and proper CFM to produce a professional-looking finish.

  • Quality 

To keep your painting life more straightforward, this HVLP spray pistol comes with an aluminum barrel, a 1.7mm tip, as well as a metal-air controller.

The spray gun is highly long-lasting in terms of reliability as it features a metal gun, brass cap, and free rust stainless tip, all of which are built to last for ages.

  • Reliability

The spray gun can be used to paint essential coats, primers, and various automobile paints.

The feeding delivery method assures that you can paint accurately and controllably, resulting in a flawless finish.

The spray cannon has three-valve handles to accommodate various painting operations.

  • Accessory items 

Neiko offers an additional cleaning kit to help you take the best care possible of the spray gun, as, after every usage, you get too deep to clean your sprayer. Meanwhile, this cleanup kit must be purchased separately.

Campbell Paint Gun


  • PSI & CFM 

For this spray paint gun, the air compressor having 3-4 Horsepower and the ability to deliver 4.0 SCFM paint at an optimum pressure of 40 PSI is required that can easily bear 20 ounces of paint.

  • Capacity 

This spray gun includes a big 20-ounce canister for holding paint and thick ingredients such as lacquers, polyurethane, and other viscous substances.

  • Easy to handle 

The handle is simple to operate so that it can be easy for you to manage.

Painting items, machinery, autos, and other medium and small parts tasks using the Paint Gun is indeed a fantastic solution.

  • Reliability 

Aside from the control knob issue, the HVLP Paint Gun is simple to operate.

It has a low amount of overspray and may well be adjusted to fit your style of painting.

It’s also simple to clean both paints and the spray nozzle after each use because it comes with cleaning equipment like a paintbrush.

  • Performance 

The spray gun may be easily adjusted to adjust the controlling knobs to get the optimum spray for the task.

The nozzle reduces the quantity of paint required while maintaining optimum coverage.

General Paint Gun


  • PSI & CFM 

This Campbell Hausfeld spray paint gun offers the maximum pressure of 40 PSI that delivers an optimum SCFM of 7.0,

so it can better work with an air compressor that can quickly fulfill this requirement.

  • Siphon-feed tech

This spray gun features siphon-feed paint spray innovation for long-lasting performance,

as well as an anti-drip aluminum canister for easier cleaning and a quick lever for convenient paint replacement.

  • Reliability 

This spray gun will provide the ability to use mild to moderate viscous lacquers, enamel paints, and dyes to paint furnishings, walls, automobiles, and other areas when connected with the air compressor.

  • High quality 

This spray gun has a nickel-plated casing that will prevent rusting while also being easy to keep clean.

The weapon has a fluid monitoring system that regulates the number of paints sprayed, reducing 20-30% of material usage.

  • Performance 

Enamel paints, varnishes, priming, stain, and polyurethane are elements the spray gun can work with. The robust motors are also integrated with a high-quality fan that adjusts to the style and area you’re painting to satisfy your paintwork needs.

  • Warranty 

Additionally, this spray gun comes up with a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty backed by the user that ensures the high quality of the product.

TCP Global Spray Gun


  • Dimension

This spray gun comes with a reasonable size ‎of 9.06 x 5.98 x 5 inches, and it weighs only 2.7 pounds, which makes it easy to handle.

  • Versatility 

Polyester priming, thick enamel paints, gel coatings, acrylic paints, and other thick substances can all be sprayed with this HVLP Spray Gun.

  • Performance 

Because of the spraying gun’s 2.5 mm liquid nozzle, the spray gun offers high peak performance, and also the spraying gun comes with a 1-liter metal cup and an air controller in addition to a 2.5 mm liquid nozzle.

This indicates that the sprayer does have a large cup that can be used on challenging projects.

  • Reliability 

Additionally, with this spray gun, you can quickly get more command when dealing with the project because it has a finely programmable control feature.

The user has complete control over several factors, including airflow, pressure, and spray patterns.

Also, it gives the user ease for choosing the desirable air pressure according to your need, which is appropriate for the air compressor.

  • Accessory items 

This spray gun also comes with accessories like a spanner, wrench, extra liquid cup, cleaning brush, and pressure regulator gauges.

Astro Spray Gun 


  • Dimension 

The Astro spray paint gun merges with a rational size of 12 x 7.25 x 4.25 inches, and it weighs only 2.5 pounds making this gun lightweight and reliable for use with any air compressor.

  • PSI & CFM 

This spray paint gun is best for the air compressor having 3 HorsePower engines that deliver 7 to 12 SCFM at a maximum pressure of 50 to 60 PSI, providing better coverage with proper spray quantity.

  • Easy to handle 

This spray paint gun has a comfortable textured grip and offers a lot of stability, great for sweaty or painted hands. It also aids in the prevention of unintentional errors that might otherwise detract from your finished piece.

  • Capacity 

This spray gun has a one-quart spray cup that is comparatively enough to cover an area of 120 square ft.

This cup is made of aluminum, which helps prevent corrosion and extends the cup’s life.

Also, because this light alloy is built, tiredness and arm discomfort while handling this spray gun can be avoided.

  • Performance 

This spray gun comes with a spray fan that makes this item unique comparatively as the fan is highly flexible to get full command of your painting task quickly.

Also, it features excellent atomization, ensuring that the painting does not end up with only an ordinary look.

  • Additional feature 

Another noteworthy feature of this spray paint gun is that it can be held at any filling level yet still retain optimum pressure.

This ensures no liquid spills from the canister, which is crucial while working on a lengthy task.


Can I use my compressor as a paint sprayer?

The simple answer is. First, you have to check if the air compressor you have is compatible with your spray paint gun or not.

One must consider many things while attaching the air compressor with a spray gun, like the Horsepower of the compressor and the amount of pressure that it delivers a specific CFM.

So, you have to read the guidebook of your spray paint gun to ensure if the pressure or CFM mentioned for the spray paint gun can be covered by your air compressor or not; otherwise, it will mess up your projects.

What is the best air paint spray gun?

The best spray paint gun that is compatible with your air compressor is the Neiko paint gun, as this spray paint is best in its quality and covers a broad range of tasks at a reasonable price.

Additionally, the Campbell Hausfeld spray paint gun is one of the durable paint guns due to its anti-drip canister.

It offers maximum spray delivery with a more excellent finishing look. Also, it is best with thick density paint and a good option for beginners.