The Best Cordless Drill For Ice Auger (Fishing Hardwater) 2024

Frozen ice makes every hobbyist person happy by doing fishing. Covered ice fashing can happen if you make a hole with an ice auger.

Our great selection for you….

Now if you are planning a winter fishing trip, remember a cordless drill for an ice auger should be at the front of your packing list.

In markets you see different types of cordless drill you find but can’t judge which are the best for ice augers.

Best Cordless Drill For Ice Auger

Here we collect the best drill that perfectly works for ice augers, we provide the best option in which all of them are best.

You can pick one of them for your choice because we also include a budget-friendly cordless drill.

Ryobi Cordless Drill

[amazon box=”B01NA0658V” ]

This is a lightweight and powerful Ryobi P1813 One+ 18V Lithium-Ion 750 Inch-Pound Cordless Drill.

This cordless 18v powerful can adjust up to 750 of torque with its 24 position clutch that you can control yourself by managing and taking work from it by making a hole.

You can adjust in which different types and sizes of ice auger which are Sharpe and most spring-type augers mostly people use k drills on this cordless drill.

You can also tear through several different materials with the 3 position of speed adjustment knob and such as from wood to masonry to plastic and many more which you mostly use for other purposes also by changing the bits.

The standard mode of this drill is for basic drilling holes in ice, plastic and wood. 

The second mode of this product is hammer mode that enables the user to drill holes into concrete, masonry, and as well as thick slabs of ice.

The last mode of this product is mostly used for industrial purposes. By using it you can tighten and loosen the bolts and screw this only based on industrial use.

The Ryobi P1813 is the most conebent product that you can easily operate this cordless drill for ice augers. It comes with a powerful 18V lithium ion battery. 

The great thing about this battery is that it can last for over 4 hour on ice. You can go out of the ice and won’t die from the drill battery at time.

This product is lightweight around 1.5 kg which you can easily handle and use in more difficult areas with any problems. This tool is also a hammer drill for ice augers.

The battery of this product comes with a fast charging option that can charge 2amp hours batteries in 30 minute and get ready itself for every mode of work, even 14 degree fahrenheit.


  • Perfect choice for ice auger
  • Best value of the money.
  • Fast charging.
  • Best battery life by using any mode
  • Comes in 3 different modes


  • Not for a big project but best for an ice auger.

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill / Driver Kit

[amazon box=”B00ET5VMTU” price=”none”]

This is the battery powered cordless dewalt drill for ice auger. The high performance deliver DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless drive is perfect for optimal speed and full accuracy.

This tool features almost three operating modes for convenient and fast drilling on ice if you also use a best choice of auger which easily makes holes on the lake layer of ice.

The modes of this product includes hammer, drill, and driver modes. Which you can use according to their requirement you can also use it for home repair.

This product total weight is 10 pound and the size of this drill 11 inch that also comes with a belt hook for easy handling of any task.

It also comes with a side handle that provides help to deliver more power. You can use its side handle for better support at 360 degree.

This 20v driver is equipped with a LED light which you can use on 3 lighting modern to your workspace brightness.

This tool allows users to take the many works from it with safe and convenient use at any type of work setting.

This cordless drill for auger  can adjust with greater torque up to 620 pounds of torque with the help of position of clutch.

This tool can also tear through many different types of material from wood to plastic with the ultimate of 2 positions of speed adjustment found on this product.

This dewalt product comes with a full bag set which includes 20v max xr li-ion bl compact drill / driver, (2) dcb203 – xr 2.0ah battery packs, charger, kit box, belt hook.

Its lithium ion battery with full gauge delivers 30% more battery backup that makes the battery lust more strong for users.

Tdewalt also provides users to use its 2 speed transmission that makes the work more best because due to the need of low speed you use it and save more battery through use of low speed motors.

The design of this product is compact and lightweight and also allows use in tight areas. 

Makita Sub-Compact Brushless 

[amazon box=”B0733VSMG7″ price=”none”]

This is the Makita that comes with a brushless motor and works faster than a brush motor as well as consumes a low amount of battery this makes you work faster and easier.

It comes with both forward and reverses options and as well as you can also control its multiple speed modes.

The Makita drill that users use for drilling at home point to pick the big fish for their dish comes with many features which you can use for multiple actions.

It has an ergonomic design that makes your hand more comfortable while using it and prevents hand fatigue. This can also reduce the tension in the neck, back, and shoulder.

This tool is lightweight and the weighting total of this product is less than 3 pound and measures 16 inches.

This product is also working on narrow areas . This can power up to 700 RPMs and 25,500 BPMs for versatile applications.

The great thing seen in this cordless drill is that delivering torque can transfer up to the 350 pound/ inch which makes you work a more quick and accurate hole.

This product also provides variable speed options which you can use for better place for the best option such as it provides speed transmission (0-500 & 0-1, 700 RPM) (0-7, 500 & 0-25, 500 BPM) for wide range of drilling.

The design of this product is more compact and the handle is ergonomic, the users feel comfortable while using it and reduce fatigue.

This cordless drill is easily attached with an auger and you will be able to give a hole on ice over the water.

The durability of this product can show their operator can use different types of bit for drilling to the fasten and

loosen of screws and save your more budget to get the screwdriver which you used for work and basic home repairs.

Milwaukee Hammer Drill/Driver Kit

[amazon box=”B07MP937ZT” price=”none”]

This is the Milwaukee 2704-22 M18 Fuel which comes with a full kit of driver included battery charger and the drill that help to deliver excellent amounts of power that make you work quicker and easier.

Milwaukee powered by a study 18V lithium-ion battery, Milwaukee also offers an impressive torque of up to 1,200 lbs/inch. This can handle your jobs easily and make it for you more impressive.

This cordless drill also provides up to 2,000 RPMs and you will get 32,00 BPMs that you can use for their ultimate big and small projects.

You can also consider the best hammer drill that also provides this option.

This tool is also lightweight property and the weight of this product is almost 5 pounds that more than the above products.

This tool impresses many personalities with its power who use augers with different brands to pick the fish in cold weather over the lake.

It can deliver almost full power to make the full size of the hole, the problem if you take it can be from auger not from this machine because for your work it has the full ability to do different types of jobs in every environment.

This is one tool that comes with 2 lithium-ion batteries that you use if one battery is dead in the path or in mid you will be able to use the second battery of this product.

Its strong gear easily adjusts the K drill and makes the hole on a thick layer of ice easy with your little bit of hand power that you used with its handle. 

You will also be able to use a gas tank auger, it can make the hole on ice quickly with pretty much the required hand power.

Milwaukee 2704-22 M18 comes with 5 years of warranty. There is much trust in this brand on its product that they provide you with almost 5 years of warranty.

Metabo HPT Cordless Driver Drill Kit

[amazon box=”B07XV2QG2B” price=”none”]

If you want a drill for an ice auger that also comes budget-friendly with an ultimate greater performance like the DeWalt and Makita product then the option will create for you that is Metabo GPT cordless drill driver kit it comes with a full package at an affordable price for everyone finishers.

This product is lightweight. The total weight of this product is 3.7 Pounds and can easily handle difficult points and make your work easier.

It also has a greater power cut to the strong layer of ice with the help of providing 400ft/lb torque. This product comes with 2-speed options.

It is also the best option for affordable persons because for some reason is that it can fully provide a different speed option and as well as have a forward and reverse option that can help if you are working on DIY projects to fasten or loosen the screw and much more.

Like the Makita corded electric powered drill, it also provides a user option to use it as a variable speed that you can control via its trigger.

This product provides 22 different torque settings that can help while working above the denser types of material and make the perfect hole on objects.

Many users highly recommended and happy with this affordable drill that can be used on home and you’ll be able to do basic home repair.

This product comes with a 2-year lithium-ion battery warranty, many people cause batteries that can overcome these cons.

Some people also use a generator with the attachment of a big auger for their big hole, this one can also attach that

Auger to make the quick hole on the auger by using some power of hand and make the good hole that you want from this one.

If you pick one of them you will enjoy making many hovels where you get easy to do fishing and complete your hobby in the environment.

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